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" Player was scragged by a Scrag "

"Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. Ugly as hell. They're not real tough, but like to bushwhack you."

Scrags (also known as in some cases "Wizards" ) are the only flying on air monster in standard Quake. Their slime-magic projectiles are easy to dodge/evitate, but you'll need lots of room to move and a sharp eye for other Scrags of levels. At long range, use the Single Shotgun, the Nailgun the Super Nailgun, or the Rocket Launcher for precise shots. At close range, use a Double-Barrelled Shotgun, the best weapons for melee. At medium range, if you have good aim and are far enough away not to be hurt by the explosion, you can lob a Grenade or Multi Granade of dissolution of Eternity at a Scrag for a one-shot kill.

Scrags possess some cunning beyond the lofty standard set by the other enemies in Quake (*cough*). They are constantly moving side to side, a kind of dance (except when attacking you), and so manage to dodge/evitate many incoming slow-moving projectiles. Also in some cases, if you duck behind cover while he is attacking you, he may throw an extra shot or two at your last seen location, so you might want to be careful before you pop back out again.

In Quake 1, a Scrag substantially is a kind of floating creature resembling a white snake combined with a muscular human
torso that spits small magic-green globs of acid at you. In some places, the Scrag is known as a Wizard, but in the manual
his real name remains " Sgrag ".
The Scrag floats by means of a gas magic bladder until it dies and falls to the ground dry.

Alone and with other Scrags, a Scrag is easy to kill in all levels and difficulty. Two Super Shotgun blasts, in good distance
can kill it. To avoid its magic projectiles, just strafe around it in good time.
If there's a group of them, take out your Nailgun or Rocket Launcher and wipe them out with zero problems.

With other enemies, Scrags are a major pain in the ass, i think for your stupidity, not for intelligence.
They usually pop up in front of you at inappropriate nasty times, such as when you're about to fire a rocket at another
enemy. In larger rooms, they tend to stay away from a fight and take potshots at your player. The best way to minimize
this problem from interfering is to shoot them when the enemy you're fighting is stunned. When the enemy is stunned, move
back and take out the Scrags with one of your Nailguns or shot. Or, you can try and get the Scrag caught in the splash
damage of a grenade or rocket, but this can be risky for the distance, especially if you're in a tight or small room.

Do not attempt to provoke a monster infight with scrags, like a Death Knight. Its flight capabilities makes it really hard to
provoke or be provoked, and nearly every monster will kill it before it does any significant magic or ammo damage.

" Ugly as hell. They're not real tough, but like to bushwhack you "
— Quake 1 Manual

  • Name: Wizard or Scrag;
  • Health: 80;
  • Attack: Green Magic Projectile;
  • Information: It seems like 5% human is imprisoned in this hideous appearance. It's a floating monster in the air.
    is fairly easy to kill, just avoid his magic attack and use some good shots magic with yours Nailgun;
  • Message of death: "Player was scragged by a Scrag";
  • File Position: Quake/progs/wizard.mdl;
  • Health to gib: -40;






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