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" Player was slimed by a Spawn "

"A merrily bouncing blob as dangerous to kill as to ignore. Blech"

Spawn (also known as Tarbabies) are annoying little blue blobs that bounce around, ricochet off walls, and hurt you if they smack into you. They don't take long to kill, so don't fire at them unless you're at a safe distance. When they die, they explode like a rocket - and hurt just as badly. They will come after you pretty quickly, so back up as fast as you can and fire once you know you're safe. Don't bother strafing, as they have to be near you to hurt you.

In Quake 1, a Spawn is a very fast blue blob that repeatedly flings itself at you, doing damage with every slap. When killed, it explodes. Very dangerous on its own, but a nightmare in larger numbers. It appears in the fourth episode.

The Spawn can be a real bitch to take out. Its melee attack is annoying, but the explosion can take off most of your HP in one shot. Therefore, you'll have to time it so that it dies away from you. Shoot a rocket so that it explodes when the Spawn is jumping back after hitting you. A rocket's splash damage usually has enough power to kill it in one shot. Timing it so that the Spawn
doesn't explode in your face can be tricky, so you might have to reload a few times.

A group of Spawn are much easier to take out. As soon as you see them, take out your Grenade or Rocket Launcher
and begin firing it at them. In addition to the splash damage from the explosive, the splash damage from the exploding
Spawn will hit other Spawn as well, causing them to blow up. If you do it correctly, you can cause a whole room of Spawn
to die before they start attacking.

With other monsters, try to use the Spawn as a bomb. Make it so that it dies when it's near other enemies. The splash
damage from the explosion can kill other enemies, so try to exploit it. Otherwise, a Spawn with other monsters should be
treated like one Spawn.

"A spideresque hybrid horror. Keep your eye on the firepod he hurls"
— Quake 1 Manual

  • Name: Spawn or Tarbaby;
  • Health: 80;
  • Attack: Jumps at you, explodes when killed;
  • Information: Flubber's evil twin. A dark-blue, jumping blob that rapidly and repeatedly throws itself at you.
    Once you succeed in killing it, BOOM - explodes right in your face. Yes, these are mean littles fuckers that have
    driven players mad before;
  • Message of death: "Player was slimed by a Spawn";
  • File Position: Quake/id1/progs/tarbaby.mdl;
  • Health to gib: -;






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