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" Player was exploded by a Vore "

"A spideresque hybrid horror. Keep your eye on the firepod he hurls."

Vores (also known as Shalraths) are very tough opponents that attack with homing explosive pods. When a Vore throws one, run (fortunately, the firepods don't fly quite as fast as you can run). Get around a sharp corner, which the pods have difficulty maneuvering around. To kill a Vore you will generally have to find cover and get behind it whenever a firepod is hurled at you, popping out regularly to wear the Vore down.

Another useful tactic is to lure the homing pods into another monster, causing the offended monster to fight the Vore while you watch. If you are bored, and have enough room, you can run in circles as the Vore throws more and more firepods. Once you have half a dozen or so of these things flying after you, lure them into someone for an extra painful explosion. These tactics are especially useful in certain user-made maps where ammo is scarce.

In Quake 1, a Vore is an anthropomorphic spider-like creatue with three legs, two arms and a head with a huge, lipless mouth of many teeth, framed by two pincer-like appendages. It generates exploding, violet spiked pods that home in on you. These balls cause major damage and will constantly chase you until they hit something.
The Vore can be recognized by the otherworldly, almost yodel-like howling noise it makes as soon as it notices the player.

The Vore makes its first appearance at the very end of E2M7, and appears infrequently throughout the rest of the game.

The Vore is one of the most powerful enemies in the game. Its homing ball does significant damage upon impact, and will
chase your movement precisely until it hits something. It isn't necessarily an easy enemy to kill either; at 400 life points,
the Vore's maximum health is second only to the Shambler.

Alone, the Vore is challenging to take out. Try to keep a distance between you and it so that you have time to run when it
throws a ball. When it does, begin running and make sure to take sharp turns. When you take a sharp turn, a ball will make
a sharp turn as well. If it's close to a corner, it may hit it. If you are far enough from the Vore, go between the ball and a
wall or pillar, and it will explode. When you hear the explosion, attack the Vore. Repeat this process until it's dead.

It is not common for the Vore to be in the company of many other enemies, but in such an event you will need to employ
different tactics in order to succeed. Strategies will vary depending on the surroundings; if possible, take advantage of the
Vore's slow speed and lure other enemies to a different area so you can get rid of them first - otherwise they will serve as
a distraction - and then focus on the Vore while it's alone. If this is not possible, then take out your most powerful weapon
and immediately focus on killing the Vore, regardless of what other enemies are present. It's easy to lose track of its
projectiles in battle, and you don't want that to happen - the last thing you need in a tense firefight is to lose 40 life points
due to an exploding ball.

That said, the properties of the Vore's projectile makes it fairly straightforward to cause monster infights - run from the
projectile and put a monster between yourself and the projectile, or turn around a corner with a monster nearby. The
monster will either get a direct hit or receive splash damage from the explosion, engaging in a fight against the Vore.
While this is very tricky to pull off at times, it can be very useful.

If you're fighting off multiple Vores, either try to make it so that they appear one at a time (like in the end of E4M7), or run.
If you try to take all of them on at once, you'll have to avoid multiple balls. If you screw up and they manage to hit you,
they'll usually kill you. In most areas that you fight multiple Vores (with the exception of the end of E3M6), you can find a
powerup that'll make it easier to kill the Vores or allow you to get by them without them noticing you. In the case of E3M6,
just Rocket Jump past them. Fighting Vores on tight walkways gives you little room to avoid them.

On some occasions, it is possible to kill a Vore without firing a single shot. When a Vore is higher or lower than you, try
tricking it into attacking and run somewhere that blocks the line of fire between you and him. This will cause the Vore to
take splash damage from its own shot. It takes a long time to kill a Vore this way, but it is useful to conserve ammo. Use it
only when the Vore is the only enemy around.

"A spideresque hybrid horror. Keep your eye on the firepod he hurls"
— Quake 1 Manual

  • Name: Vore, also known as Shalrath or Shal-Rath;
  • Health: 400;
  • Attack: Voreball homing, explosive missile;
  • Information: A three-legged spider-like with magical wisdom. Not even Boots of Escaping would help you get
    away from her homing magic "missile" so make sure to trick it into smashing a wall. Well, unless your trigger finger
    can do magic too and you kill her before she attacks;
  • Message of death: "Player was exploded by a Vore";
  • File Position: Quake/id1/progs/shalrath.mdl;
  • Health to gib: -90;






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