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" Player joins the Zombies "

"Thou canst not kill which dost not live. But you can blast it into chunky kibbles."

Zombies are truly unique. They rip pieces of flesh off themselves and throw them at you for their attack. To kill them, you must gib them.
If you do not, they will simply fall over and get up later. To gib them you will need to bring their health to -40, meaning you need to 120 damage in a single instance, this is most easily done with explosives as demonstrated in demo1.dem but can also be achieved via Quad Damage attacks with other weapons, or a Thunderbolt discharge of at least 3 cells.

In Quake, a Zombie is an undead human with rather comical behavior, tearing flesh from its head, hindquarters and crotch and tossing it at the player character for minor damage. Zombies can only be killed by getting gibbed. Normally this is achieved with a Grenade or Rocket Launcher, although a super-shotgun blast will do it after picking up Quad Damage. Otherwise, they'll fall to the ground and get up after a while.

Alone, a Zombie is extremely easy to kill. Just gib it with an explosive weapon and go on your way. A group of zombies
is much more dangerous, but can be handled the same way, just try to aim at the "center" Zombie so that the explosive hits and and gibs the other Zombies around it.

With other enemies, the Zombie can be pretty easy to kill, depending on your location. If you're in a large area, just back
up and shoot an explosive at it. The splash damage will gib it and harm any nearby enemies. If you're in a somewhat tight
area, try to take out a few enemies so that you can move around, then gib it.

The zombie can be specially useful for monster infighting. Since monsters are rarely capable of gibbing zombies, most
monsters engaged in fights against zombies are incapacitated, either because they're unable to kill them, causing them
to fight zombies endlessly, or because the zombie eventually lands enough shots to kill their attackers.

With a Quad Damage pickup, attacks from any weapon, except for Nailgun, will likely gib a Zombie.

Most other enemies cannot kill a Zombie; the Zombie will simply get back up again. However, a Vore's rocket can gib
a Zombie, and so can the Shambler's melee attack.

"Thou canst not kill which dost not live. But you can blast it into chunky kibbles."
— Quake 1 Manual

  • Name: Zombie;
  • Health: 60;
  • Attack: Throws his guts at you;
  • Information:Yawn, Sigh, Grawr, Moan. No-one's fornicating, no, it's a zombie. You can only kill it by using
    explosives (rockets, grenades) or a Quad Damage. If you don't manage to damage it enough, it will drop to the
    floor, use a state of invincibility to regain conciousness (a brain-less undead?), stand up and eagerly await your
    next try.;
  • Message of death: "Player joins the Zombies";
  • File Position: Quake/id1/progs/zombie.mdl;
  • Health to gib: Zombies can only be killed (gibbed) by doing 60 hp of damage in a single frame;






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