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August 17, 2006

RQuake 1.2 Map Set

The coop.runequake.com:26003 server now has 10 additional maps available (Orlmaps, Sewage, Intro2). If you already have the original 60+ RQuake maps and just need the update -- RQuake 10 new maps EZ Installer or 7-Zip RQuake 10 new maps.

If haven't played on the RQuake server or don't know, download the full map package (EZ Installer All Maps or 7-Zip All Maps).

For developers or interested server operators:

RQuake 1.2 has been released, the QuakeC source files and the source files for Intro2 by ORL are available (Download RQuake 1.2 source files). For changes made by RocketGuy and Lardarse, please see the RQuake SVN Server.

June 16, 2006

New RQuake Features

RQuake now supports CTF-compatible throw-weapon and throw-ammo aliases/impulses. Try it out on coop.runequake.com:26003.

RQuake has an SVN Server courtesy of QuakeDev.com

RQuake has optional multi-kill messages that can be enabled via the mk-toggle command and optional custom sounds (download, 7-Zip format) that can be enabled via the custom-sounds command.

For latest information or questions, always check http://forums.runecentral.com.

May 29, 2006

RQuake 1.1 Public Server Dev Kit Available

An RQuake Team Cooperative 1.1 package is available that contains all QuakeC sources, a 30 page color manual and everything required to either host a public server or play single player. For more information on this package, see the QuakeOne.com news release of this major package.

Download: RQuake 1.1 Final - Maximum w/Dev Kit 39 MB

Download: RQuake 30 Page Color Manual Only 0.9 MB

May 24, 2006

RQuake Team Cooperative

RQuake Team Cooperative is a QuakeC modification for regular Quake (aka NetQuake) by RocketGuy. It is presently running at COOP.RUNEQUAKE.COM:26003

RQuake has a custom server-side engine and QuakeC code that allows virtually any custom map to be played in cooperative mod and has some exciting changes for cooperative play versus the monsters.

RQuake Team Cooperative is a modification based on RuneQuake 1.0 by Slot Zero.

THE STORY - If you need one ..

"They said he was dead. They said the threat of Quake was over ... But they were WRONG! Quake struck again. But things are gonna be different this time. REAL different."

"You and some other soldiers decide to take matters into your own hands. You raid the armory and step into the slipgate. This time, there's gonna be hell to pay."


You have these resources at your disposal:

1. Power-ups, grab one an acquire an advantage or skill ...

Aborption Field - Reduces damage to you by 50%.
Assault Cannon - Constant restock of rockets, rocket launcher does increased damage.
Assault Power - Increases your weapon's power by 100%.
Engineer - Repair armor for others.
Explosives Specialist - Fire bombs. Take cover. Don't worry, this won't hurt your friends, but it can hurt YOU.
Fusion Cell Reactor - Constant recharge of cells for lightning gun.
Human Torch - Set monsters on fire. Weapon 4 is your flame thrower.
Impervious Shield - Activate for 10 seconds of total protection. Long recharge time.
Medic - Heal others and yourself.
Regenerative Suit - Your armor is self-repairing and you slowly heal.
Singularity Mine - Deploy a strong gravitational field that causes chaos for most monsters.
Stealth Technology - Visible to your friends, invisible and silent to your enemies (the monsters)
Vortex Inductor - Set one off and hide. Everything it sucks in DIES!

2. For poorly lit areas, you can use a flashlight. Requires cells. (command = flashlight)

3. Lose track of your friends? Use your radar to assist in locating them, they will emit a sound. (command = radar)

But these aren't your normal Quake monsters:

Most monsters are harder to kill, are smarter and are more deadly.

Key Binds and Commands

The are compatible with RuneQuake/IHOC/CTF binds so playing this mod does not require any new keys for most players.

rune-use - Use your current power-up.
rune-tell - Display what power-up you are using.
rune-delete - Discard the power-up you are using.
flashlight - Turn your flashlight on/off.
radar - Helps locate other players.

To bind a key, type something like BIND Q "rune-delete" in the Quake console.

More Info

Additionally, typing "commands" in the console displays helpful information.

Further Questions, Support Forum

More information can be found in the official forum at Rune Central.


The mod and the server are different things. This mod can run the standard ID maps or any selection of maps.

The custom maps running at coop.runequake.com:26003 are pre-supported in the mod, but can be easily changed in the source.

The custom maps running on coop.runequake.com:26003 were authored and credited to the individual authors and the readme.txt files for each map are included in the download.

Special thanks to div0, who helped with the engine code, and to FrikaC, LordHavoc, Lardarse and anyone else who assisted Baker on R&D trips to developer IRC channels.

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