So you're back from your travail and feel like you missed out something? Most probably you did! There is a cure to this feeling and that's the new and shiny list of Travail's Secrets and Easter Eggs. To spice up re-playing the episodes there are some enhanced monster skins by aguirRe too. Grab travail_skins.zip, read the included textfile and get fragging!


After what seems like way too long, the mission is ready. Help yourself to a few hours of fragging fun. Please read the installation and running instructions carefully, as your usual engine may need to be swapped for something else. Big thanks to all involved. Pax amici! Enjoy!


Travail is so close to release now it's probably safe to get this site up and running. Currently, the only file you can download is the soundtrack but that will change shortly. We are waiting on the final compile of one level, then the pack will undergo a battery of diagnostic tests by aguirRe. Once QA gives the tick, it'll be open slather! This announcement doesn't need a thread of its own in any forums, let's leave that for the final release. However, the site as is should give you a better idea of what you can expect in the full release.

It was hoped that Travail would involve as many people as possible (active and no-longer-active) from the Quake community, via material support or through reference. The contributors page gives a good idea who did what, and the references are dotted through the actual mission. You shouldn't have to wait too long to start tracking them down. Cheers!