TRAVAIL: The Journey


start - y va tan: Your journey begins in a rusted complex. Who lays claim to this base is unknown, though the predominance of blood would seem to indicate that this is or was an enemy stronghold. Empty now, how long before a shock troop breezes through on the way to God-knows-where? Two of the portals show leakage from the other end, maintenance is obviously not a priority. The third portal, connected to what looks like a communication array, is blocked at this stage. Hmmm! Who to visit first... the engineers of destruction or the architects of fear?

EPISODE 1 - Ingeniero de la Destruccion

Episode 1 of Travail is a journey through ancient lands usurped by Quake's technology. In the pursuit of ultimate domination, this planet of primitive inhabitants was taken over and retrofitted as a communications and supply base. Computers and directional antennae were built around ancient forts while supplies were stashed in underground chambers once used as shelter by the former occupants. New infrastructure was added to generate power, provide slipgate travel and establish security against threats from within this fractured world and from far away as well. But imperialism was not the only reason for establishing a base here - a deeper, darker secret lies beneath the surface.

Those who live, work and guard the older villages and forts know of the strange temples buried beneath the rocky terrain but few know of the gateway to yet another realm that is guarded by secrecy as much as military might. Concealment of the gateway is essential to keep potential invaders away from a key power in Quake's army - a power essential to restore the violence and power of Quake to worlds once owned but then surrendered after Shub-Niggurath was destroyed. These worlds and more will feel a wave of vengeance soon, now that the final nodes of the slipgate and communications network are being finished.

You will pass through these places on the way to resolve this rogue power:

qte1m1 - piedracero

From the twisted portal of the rusted complex, you arrive at an underground supply and communications depot. A concealed communications dish directs status reports on the refurbishment of an old complex into something more technologically capable of supporting Quake's expansion. From a large brick chimney, encrypted messages are beamed through a nearby wormhole that exits near a booster station light years away and finally, to a secret war room where a shift in power is planned.

Life here is far from great. The computers don't like the damp and the ogre slaves resent the attitude of superiority held by the enforcers and grunts who moved in like kevlar wrapped cockroaches. Actually, that's not an entirely fair comparison since ogres love cockroaches - stir fried especially. Living in tents, the ogres drag crates and supplies around to the shouts of abuse and ridicule by their so-called 'superiors'. As if that isn't bad enough, careless handling of weapons has wounded enough ogres that now they fight fire with fire if stung by lead or laser.

You need to get off the porta-slippy and get above ground. While there's not a lot of interest to you in this place, it must be transgressed to find something much more important.

qte1m2 - aguenergia

It is obvious that the concatenation of old and new was done with purpose. The Canyon River was dammed and hydroelectric turbines were installed. Bypass pipelines bring water from higher valley rivers and lakes to add to the natural flow from the main river itself. The dammed river created a lake where there was once a narrow rapid stream. To the ogre's frustration and resentment, the invaders gave no regard to the environment and the rottfish population, a source of food to the ancient creatures, while not eliminated, declined substantially.

A distributed network of gates and computers under the tutelage of senior enforcers manage the generation of power and the security needed to protect this critical resource. Supplies are barged in to support the buzz of activity. Guard towers and balconies permit a distant watch to protect the dam and power station from unauthorised access.

This is a difficult area to pass due to the blockage of the river by the dam and power generation station. You need to find a way to get past the security gates, canal locks and through the barricaded power plant. With the river completely blocked off, you need to find another way closer to what you seek.

qte1m3 - costarodillo

Technology has not made as deep of footprint in this area as it did in the previous places. There is a feeling of sanctity and it is no less protected despite an absence of technological assets. However, you are nearing the most important part that justified building the outpost here.

The structures above ground contrast the hidden temples and places of worship below ground. Like a knot, the convoluted pathways and mechanisms keep a tight lid on what is unknown to those stationed here. The greater powers that know the secret are aware of the threats possible should this knot be undone.

You need to find the secret portal to another realm; hidden below ground and protected by lock and spirit.

qte1m4 - el lugar feo

You are far from the outpost hiding the entrance to this world. It was built by powers greater than the ones you slew. It is hot and wretched. It is ancient and strong but not invincible, as seismic upheavals have disturbed heavy structures. Here are runes; runes you end your Travail.

qte1m5 - roca de la perra: She's here...and royally pissed that you are too!

EPISODE 2 - Architecto de Miedo

In this dimension Azoth's "kevlar covered cockroaches" take a back seat... watching and waiting as the scholarly Knights quietly unearth ancient wisdom from within the tomes of the great libraries.

Once unearthed this knowledge is "borrowed" from the Knights and passes beyond their ken, through the portal guarded by the undying one.

New lore is put to use in the "improvement" of Azoth's forces. Arcane lore and high technology is a dangerous combination!

Here is one place within this realm that Azoth's minions monitor unseen, but never enter.

None who have entered this place have ever returned. Perhaps in time a minion can be "improved" to the point whereby they can survive this place and return with the darkest of secrets.

You might think about stopping that from ever happening.

FINALE - Un Paso mas Alla

qtfin1 - hacia la fuente: Out at the edge of our local space time continuum, this structure serves as both way-station and gate. You must use the booster hidden here, to penetrate Azoth's realm. Can you survive long enough to find it?

qtfin2 - torredalmas: A tower reaches to the sky radiating a destructive force strengthening it's one occupant by helping him pull souls into the surrounding void. The cumulative effect of trapped souls does not engorge the keeper but rather starves him for more and more new souls. This tower is a centre of evil and if not destroyed will continue to channel energy to swallow souls for its keeper until there are no more left except those protected by Quake. Its destruction will bring an end to eternal suffering.

qtfin3 - puentaltrono: A Khat is a flesh being that contains a soul. It can be living or undead. Within these silent catacombs are the choice Khats whose tortured souls are their keeper's worst enemies. They have been pulled from the void and placed in the catacombs where they can be viewed and tortured for eternity. Releasing these souls could bring about the keeper's demise, as they would use their ethereal powers to close a rift where he charges his powers. Should the rift close, the void guarded by the tower would spill forth and rupture the structure built upon imprisoned souls as they explode into the multiverse.