In little over the last year, there have been some map releases with extraordinary attention to detail and architecture. These maps require Quoth.

Fort Driant by JPL
screenshot | release thread | review | download

A monstrously large map with a somewhat Half-Life feel to it, which isn't surprising considering past JPL releases like the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, The Slime Refinery and Event Horizon (features Doom Cyberdemons).

Stark Monstrocity by RickyT23
screenshot | release thread | review | download

Highly rated with engaging gameplay. Rated 19/20.

The Living End by Necros
screenshot | release thread | review | download

Possibly the best use of lighting ever seen in a Quake map. It is an absolutely beautiful map.

Tronyn Returns

Speaking of single player maps, Tronyn has set up shop at Quaddicted and has resumed reviewing Quake single player releases after the demise of all PlanetQuake hosted sites where he and Underworldfan had previously done reviews for the Underworld Reviews site.

Next Up: The Reskinning Efforts of Alfader and Fragger, Quore and 2 DarkPlaces mods.