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Between Two Quads #1 - Interview with Mindzf!3ldzX

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  • Between Two Quads #1 - Interview with Mindzf!3ldzX

    This is a new segment we are starting here at QuakeOne. Totally original idea and name. We are going to start interviewing people that still play quake or have something to do with the Quake Community. I for one would like to get to know some of my fellow Quake Players a little better. Afterall I have played with some of you for over a decade. The interview team consists of Mindf!3ldzX, Death Knight, and myself.

    To start out we decided to interview one of the longest standing QuakeOne community members... Mindf!3ldzX. Please click on this link to jump to the interview.
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    So if Mindz was not happy with a question he could just take the quad press the red button and explode Disco

    Keep the good work you both!!