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  • Multiple News Updates!

    New Speed Mapping Pack

    It's time for another speed mapping pack for classic Quake, and this week's theme is SM151: Bookworm Bitches From The Ether Space! The new theme has made for some seriously funky looking levels and you'll find three new single player levels included from NahkahiiR, Spirit and Trinca. You can check out some screens and grab the maps from the latest Func_Msgboard update! The images on the left are screenshots from the maps themselves!

    Project Aftershock!

    A post by Lashmush in the PQ Quake 1 Forums tells of a new classic Quake soundtrack remake in the works called Project Aftershock! Check the PQ Quake 1 Forums for more details, but here's a taste below...

    I started a project some weeks ago with some of my friends aiming at recreating the Q1 OST as a tribute to Trent Reznor, for kicks and also to be an alternative to the Trent's work when playing Quake SP. Currently 6 out of 10 songs are finished and if you want, you can go here and listen to them. Its on the Newgrounds Audio portal so no registration is required to listen.

    New Darkplaces!

    A new version of the popular DarkPlaces Quake engine port has been released by LordHavoc to fix some issues caused by recent ATI Windows drivers when quitting or changing resolutions. The new version, build 20090128, is available from the DarkPlaces site and is for Windows, Linux and Mac users. If you're new to the DarkPlaces engine, then make double sure to check this project out!

    *news courtesy of Planet Quake - News, Screenshots, Previews, Reviews, Guides