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  • New Nexuiz!

    There's big stuff going on in the land of Nexuiz with the release of a phat new version of this popular Quake powered, free, stand-alone shooter and the list of tweaks, changes and new features is long indeed. Check out the attached sample of new juice for this one, and if you're new to the world of Nexuiz, then there's no better time to dive in and give it a try!(Thanks scar3crow!)
    • Completely redone HUD and user adjustable scoreboard
    • Totally rewritten Client/Server communication to cut the bandwidth usage in half
    • New gamemode "Race". Try to get from start to end of a level as fast as possible. Available as free-for-all and team variant. Further allows to play with or without a qualification period.
    • Added several new weapons (on-hand Grappling Hook, Port-O-Launch, T.A.G. Seeker, Heavy Laser Assault Cannon, Rifle)
    • Map editor NetRadiant included
    • Improved all effects for eye candy and tweakability
    • All maps recompiled with external lightmaps which allow for much crisper shadows
    • Added maps desertfactory (DM, TDM, MinstaGib), racetrack (Race) and made aggressor support Key Hunt
    • New player sounds, announcer sounds/voices, textures, crosshairs, weapon models, effects and menu skins
    • Added support for video capture to OggTheora
    • Integrated the Havoc mod into the menu! Havoc servers use quite different physics and weapons, give it a try!
    • Fixed a crash with ATI drivers on shutdown or vid_restart
    • Fixed several problems with lagging gameplay/crashes/wrong display of effects
    • Improved bots (teamworking, bunnyhopping, swimming, better way finding, support for ladders, less CPU usage, faster map loading)
    • Better visual display of carried items (Strength, Shield, flags and keys)
    • Better parental guidance support with cl_gentle and cl_nogibs
    • Lots of tourney-related features (timeout/in, spectator-slots, allready, warmup mode, lockteams, unlockteams, movetoteam_red/blue/..., nospectators, records, cointoss)
    • Added some effects customization options like cl_casings, cl_weaponpriority
    • Many more map entities allowing for more dynamic maps
    • Restructured and improved menu: demos menu and multiple campaigns are back, also added an advanced menu containing ALL settings of the game

    *news courtesy of PlanetQuake.Com