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January News Update: 1 of 4

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  • January News Update: 1 of 4

    New Moderator

    Please welcome the latest addition to the QuakeOne team of moderators and admins: Ooppee. He has been a force to be reckoned with in both content creation and forum participation.

    Shader Animated Box Models

    Seven has released a ton of animated box models for DarkPlaces. See the thread for the download and more information. The results must be seen to be believed.

    Remodeling Works | New RTLIGHTS

    Ooppee has remodeled and retextured so many weapons and models, I have to admit I can't keep track of the threads. Combined with a couple of threads by kingennio that appear to be slight modifications and packaging of these works ... there is quite a bit going on here. [Will modify news post to include Shambler's Castle set].

    Dissolution of Eternity Weapons Pack Release Thread
    Scourge of Armagon Weapons Pack Release Thread

    In addition to the rapid pace that threads with new textures and models and other enhancements appear, this is a new real-time lighting release by inkub0 for DarkPlaces that appears to leverage shaders for better results than Romi's rtlights.

    On Deck: The next news update will focus on several map releases and map reviews by Tronyn including ShadoW's release "ShadoW: Q1shw1 - Devastation" including the single player modification of the map by Negke. And after that, some focus on non-mapping and non-modeling modification including the software renderer engine works by qbism and mk, the Monster's NewDM server, the single player modification by Seven to add a command that kills all monsters and Jozsef's newest speedrun video plus the issue of locating Quake modding tutorials raised by inkub0.
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    GREAT ooppee
    Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

    "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


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      So Barker as this is labeled January Update 1 of 4 - can we expect 3 more updates in the next 2 days? jk