Inkub0's RTLIGHTS for Mission Pack 2

Image size is larger because it is kind of hard to see the crispness and vivid color with the smaller size images traditionally in news posts here. They look awesome, read more in the thread. RTLIGHTS only work in DarkPlaces, for those that do not know.

Tronyn Reviews x 3
Tronyn Reviews @ Quaddicted

Tronyn has map reviews of several recent single player releases. Plus his screenshots are far better than the map author's make themselves. Just on that account and the quality of the reviews, many of his map reviews will be highlighted here in the future.

Review: The Anomaly by Diggs (pictured above, left ... nice dirt path!)
Review: Elements by Vondur
Review: Gateway To Hell By JPL (pictured above, right)

Quake Done 100% Quickest

This video made by the SDA and Jozsef Szalontai (the author of JoeQuake and super-elite speed runner) apparently from the title features apparently the fastest speed run of Quake.

PSP: Zombie Nazis Portable
Nazi Zombies Portable Moddb Page | Thread

Nazi Zombie's Portable is a (largely) total conversion mod for the Sony PSP and Windows. The Windows version uses DarkPlaces, the PSP version uses a modified version of a PSP version of ProQuake derived from both the Kurok PSP engine and, obviously, ProQuake. Uses the modern ProQuake support for the Half-Life map format.