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February: Update 3 of 4

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  • February: Update 3 of 4

    Func_Msgboard Thread | More Screenshots

    Metlslime and czg have released Rubicon 2, a 3 level Quake single player release. Metlslime is best known in the community as the author of FitzQuake and the provider of the Func_Msgboard site; czg is perhaps best known for Insomnia.

    Read more at Func_Msgboard.

    Kurok 0.4 Remastered Engine
    Func_Msgboard Thread | QuakeOne Thread

    I spent about 36 hours carving up a new Kurok capable engine from FitzQuake 0.85 and SDL. Kurok is an awesome Quake mod inspired by a certain dinosaur hunter game with a Goldeneye feel.

    Download Engine + Mod: Windows Version | Mac OS X Version | Engine Source

    The Kurok will eventually be available for play on our servers, but will require a bit of coding and I would need to make an engine author tutorial so, say, R00k could add support to Qrack.

    Quake "Kill All Monsters" Command

    Quake doesn't have a "kill all monsters" command. Seven wrote one: Read more here ...

    JoeQuake Lives ...

    Jozsef, the author of JoeQuake, tells me that he has been further developing JoeQuake with an emphasis on movie making features. The speed-run movie in the previous news post here is recorded with the most recent incarnation of JoeQuake and that movie featured new effects reportedly ported from Quake III.

    News Still Not Caught Up ...

    The next and final set of 4 news updates will have emphasis on Monster's NewDM server, a couple of surprises, a glance at an interesting Tronyn Review and more on Seven's Shader Animated BBoxes. And that may not be all. There has been a ton of stuff lately. Another note: BuurVrouw who has been long known for Quake art and other art is apparently saying goodbye; she has long been known to jump on the Bigfoot server for some Quake and post various art and drawings in the forums.

    Finally: no surprise ... January 2011 broke yet another traffic record. December 2010 was previously the highest traffic month by a large margin. Well ... January blew December away with an 8% traffic jump.
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    I recorded a few demos of my playthrough of Rubicon2. Didn't see a thread other than this on the forums so figured I'd post here (posted on func as well).

    My post on func:
    I really enjoyed these maps. Usually I'm not a fan of base/industrial style (though I prefer industrial) but these I liked. Nice moody, dark, quakey atmosphere. I really have no complaints except that maybe it could be a bit harder. (I was playing on Hard). And its devoid of fiends/shamblers! I know it's a base map, but its still fun to throw in the occasional elder world monster. Base experiments gone wrong!

    Here are my demos (I played in Darkplaces latest autobuild, used sv_protocolname QUAKE before playing to ensure the demos are compatible with other engines):

    rub2m1 was my 3rd or so time playing, rub2m2 my 2nd time playing, and rub2m3 was my first playthrough! Suprised I survived... Congratulations czg and metlslime!
    Liking these news posts by the way... Don't think I've played the Kurok mod but I may have to try it now...!
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      tv and i are waiting on the runequake co-op V.2.0 with these new maps