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2011 CRCTF Tournament Update

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  • 2011 CRCTF Tournament Update

    Forum thread ...


    March 20th winners:

    Rook/Disco/L33t(sub for lun) over CD/Mono/Bluntz 2-0
    Muller/JBone/Rambo over CD/Mono/Bluntz 2-0
    Muller/Jbone/Rambo over Skillet/Smokey/Lerster 2-0

    Great games! End stats will definately fail to show how much action existed and how fast a game can change in the blink of an eye. Definately worth watching when you get a chance.

    Tournament is now Round Robin, meaning each team will play each team once and whoever ends up with the most points plays in the championship.

    Website and 3wave Files

    Monoxide has also put up the CRCTF Tourney website where you can follow along if you're not playing in this tournament. It will be updated with stats from all of the games for each player (Yes!), Demos from the matches played, the tournament bracket, the teams, and also the 3wave CRCTF files if you'd like to play. (These are easy to install, simply download them and throw the pak included into your ID1 going in numerical order with your existing paks).

    Quick List Of Rules

    Team who picks the server defaults map choice to opposing team.

    Teams can pick any map they want, but the choice of base rule will be enforced (whoever picks the map doesn't get to pick the base). If a team picks a map that another team does not know take 3 mins and grapple around the map.

    Each game is 3on3 with an official present and recording.

    Best of 3. For tibreakers, it will be like this: the teams have the option to agree upon a map. If they cannot agree, Monoxide will select maps each week that will be used for the TB in a certain order (depending on if the team picks this map for their map). These maps will change each week. This week, TBs will be played in the following order: war grounds, pigremix, and ctf1.

    All matches will be at 8:00 EST on Sunday unless the teams involved agree to a different time.

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    good job chad, your still a [edited by Frenzy]
    Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


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      Save the trash talking for game-time

      I'm not sure i understand about round robin, winner stays, loser out, next vs winner...repeat? ||


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        Rook, I googled it and found the best explanation on Wikipedia !!

        Round-robin tournament - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


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          Holy Crap Quake 1 3wav still lives huh? I used to be a [RuM]'er. This reminds me of the good old xUx and Hero days...


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            rum huh?
            I support:
   ..... of Course!
            Qrack - Thank You r00k
            Yayo Industries - Thank you frenzy
            Zero CTF - Thanks mono