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    Load N' Load (aka Trickle) is seeking some development talent, particular QuakeC and mapping [already has one talented mapper] to complete some Dodgeball arenas for Quake Dodgeball. Could this become a mainstream Quake mod like Rocket Arena or CTF? Read more ...

    (Update: Lock N Load tells me he has a QuakeC coder now, but still needs additional mappers, already getting Negke ...)

    10 Years of Shmack Servers

    Slot Zero's Shmack servers are 10 years old today. The Rune Quake server and the most popular Rocket Arena server and the most popular CRMOD (pure deathmatch) server are hosted by Shmack.

    As an April Fool's joke, the Shmack Rune Quake server featured the ability to hold 2 runes (courtesy of Zop). Rune Quake is a completely debugged and voting enhanced mod of Artifact-RJS, which was a mod of Artifact Quake; Rune Quake itself was used as a basis for several servers and mods, such as the RQuake Coop server.

    DarkPlaces HUD

    Seven released a transparent HUD with he claims is not only compatible with DarkPlaces, but all replacement graphics supporting-engines like Qrack.

    3,000 Frames Per Second in DirectQ

    MindzfieldX shows off his screenshot of DirectQ hitting well over 3,000 frames per second. He also has one of it hitting 4,000 and 5,000 frames-per-second, but instead of trying to figure out how insanely high the frame-rate can go, let's just agree it leads all other engines by a huge margin. [ DirectQ download and development blog ]

    DirectQ has gained the reputation of being the fastest Quake engine ever and one of the most powerful and modern and has been constantly shaped by both single player and multi-player feedback.

    DarkPlaces Environmental Effects Tutorial

    Seven has created a tutorial on creating DarkPlaces environmental effects, like snow, rain and fog. Definitely some quality documentation. Merely the latest major contribution Seven has added to the knowledge pool. (What kind of Turtlevan video can we expect now??? )

    Turtlevan Movie: E2M5 Matrix HD

    No explanation required. Read more ...

    Quake Spasm Ogg Vorbis and MP3 Support

    The Quakespasm team has released Quakespasm 0.85.4 with support for Ogg and MP3 music tracks (quake\id1\music) with the standard FOSS library DLLs in a multi-platform compatible way. Quakespasm is one of the most recent Quake engine projects, it didn't even exist until late February 2010!

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    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...

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    that dodgeball mod seems fn awesome i cant wait for that one!


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      if you can dodge an axe you can dodge a ball


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        Hello Baker,

        Thank you for mentioning the HUD pack.

        But one thing is not correct:
        It is not DarkPlaces only.

        I implemented files for Qrack and Joequake as well.
        The HUD files naming convention is fortunately identical in these 3 engines

        So I highly believe, that also DirectQ and your EngineX can use them as they are.

        The only different file is:
        Because of the different menu in the engines.

        Maybe you can extend your news text ?
        So also non DP-users maybe will get curious to take a quick look.

        Thank you for all your effort for this forum !

        Best wishes,


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          If you want to showcase DirectQ for its impressive performance, then showing a low-res screenshot of DQ rendering a 3d scene with almost nothing in it, is not doing it justice.. OK, 3000 fps sounds cool, but it only shows that Mindz's rig is capable of rendering a few polygons very fast...

          The shot below is far more complex with fog + waterwarp + overdraw from particles.. all that at 3200x1200 res with 8x AntiAliasing and 8x Anisotropic Filtering.. (r_novis 1 10000+ Wpoly and 28000+ Epoly)

          If you want to see this image in all its glory at the original size, then you will need at least 2 screens
          and you may need to adjust the gamma if it looks way too dark

          And look: still ~100 fps!

          Ok, my rig is not particularly slow either, but I'm pretty sure no other quake client lets me play at that res, let alone at playable fps, not to mention at this quality

          Btw, feel free to edit this post and turn the embedded image into a direct-download link, in case it takes up too much bandwidth or whatever..
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            Our kids are going to love this (Dodgeball). LOL we can already hear them fighting " it's my turn"

            Edited : Our kids got to see the trailer today, our daughter " OMG that looks awesome" & our son " Oh Yeah hahaha"
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              Man, I'm so excited! I've never really used Quake mods, tell me, if I join a server running this mod on let's say dark places, will it download the client mod for me?
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