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Happy 20th Birthday Quake!

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  • Happy 20th Birthday Quake!

    Today is quite a special day as it marks Quake's 20th birthday! That's right, 20 years ago today, Quake was released to rabid pc gamers (most of us included) and opened the world to smooth deathmatch and a stylish single player campaign the world had never seen before. I'm sure that I'm not alone here in saying, thank you Id Software for creating one of the best games ever released!

    As for festivities, Quakers around are doing some special things for Quakes 20th anniversary. Below is a list of things to check out, please let me know if I missed any:
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    There were a couple of quake anniversary threads, didnt know which one to post in lol but anyway happy quake 20th ! hehe see you in another 20!

    I'll also be sure to check out all this quake material posted here, very interesting with the Romero blog and the screenshots. Im still fascinated with how quake looked back then.. I still like some old dos games and indeed the jump in graphics and playability was a huge, revolutionary one with the quake release
    The gemstone of gaming is Quake, so load it up and play some


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      while surfing , i also came across this

      *the three pictures posted, u can scroll down actually to see the magazine scans.. i almost missed it if you dont look closely..

      this is a nice quake treasure read of nostalgia, enjoy

      From the archives: PC Gamer features on the making of Quake | PC Gamer

      this is also great quake material for reading - lots of background info

      The legacy of Quake, 20 years later | PC Gamer
      The gemstone of gaming is Quake, so load it up and play some


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        Originally posted by ArrrCee View Post

        I want that cake. Can you please give it to me so that I may eat it?


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          Or, at the very least, tell us how did you do it?


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            And please, please, PLEASE, let not your first four words be, "You open Blender, and..."


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              It has been mentioned in a few places on the forums already, but MachineGames released a whole new episode called "Dimension of the Past" for the anniversary!

              You can download it here:



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                if quake is 20 that makes me older then i wish i was


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                  Oh, I know that feeling. I need new glasses and I think I probably need a hearing aid!
                  I got the phone call at 4 a.m.


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                    You can also mention boho103 , who made psp proquake the Best way to play Quake on the go.


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                      that cake look good