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  • Website Upgrades

    I've been hard at work fixing up the website and wanted to provide some updates. More changes are coming, so stay tuned.

    Server browser:
    This has been restored as a simple static server listing with a link to a dynamic one. Anyone who wishes to restore dynamic server tracking please reach out to me directly and we can get it working again. The website uses PHP and Javascript so it would have to be in one of those languages.

    Game and discord callout:
    The sidebar now features a prominent callout to our Discord where Quake players organize games. It is strongly recommended that anyone who wishes to play Quake and communicate with the Quake community download the desktop app and join Discord. Discord provides updates of when games are going on. The days of connecting to servers to check for games are long past.

    Attention admins. Spammer mitigation:
    I got part of the spam issue sorted out. From what I could tell there was two category of spammers:
    1. bots that are just spamming whatever they feel like after registering
    2. actual humans who were using the site's SEO rankings in order to fill in a forum profile with links to the sites they wanted to SEO boost and keywords. What I did was require each user created account to require moderation, which puts them in a user group "Awaiting Moderation." This group isn't allowed to post or edit profiles until an admin manually approves their account. This will slow down the SEO hackers but not completely stop them, but it completely stops the 1st group.

    It does require manually approving user accounts in the "User moderation" section. I am asking that all admins on this website periodically check out the "User Moderation" section of the Admin Panel and approve / delete users as needed based on who they can tell is a spammer or not.