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    HUD only? I dunno about that. Theoretically you could add all weapon functions to csqc. The biggest obstacle to this is the fact that csqc doesn't understand movetype. So how would you send the rocket in a direction? Well, it does understand .velocity field. So using this you can "hack" it so that it will move the projectile as expected using frametime and velocity like this:

    local vector c;
    self.nextthink = time; [COLOR="Lime"]// This keeps the movement smooth! [/COLOR]
    c = self.origin + self.velocity*frametime; 
    setorigin(self, c);
    You'd need something like that as a think function for the projectile. Of course traceline weapons would be less of an issue here. Also csqc will not handle any trail effects or similar unless you call it separately.

    .SendEntity makes all of this possible. Same methods could be utilized for skeletal models for much more interesting movement possibilities. Lots of possibilities with CSQC tho admittedly the engines are by far the biggest limitation on CSQC's future uses.
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      you can (and should) do various effects clientside, like rain for instance.
      then you can:
      a) turn it off/on without having to get the server admin to change the setting for you.
      b) not pay for it in extra bandwidth.
      c) not be quite so limited with timing or network precision.

      I do actually have a mod/framework somewhere that has the entire ssqc stuff running clientside - play quake without even running a server (and by that, I mean the internal server that runs even in single player). The problem is that I'm too lazy to actually do anything with it, hurrah.
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        I will gladly take over your project. I was currently working to move all weapons to CSQC for experimentation purposes. Such a framework would greatly speed up my process and understanding. If you find such things let me know via PM and I would gladly discuss a collaboration or further your progress. Thanks!


        As Spike mentioned, many of your additions can be moved to client-side and would make your mod playable in COOP. Currently this is basically an impossibility to play it with any consistency. Most of the of the things that are creating problems from a network sync perspective in your mod is the effects. It's simply overwhelming the server to send that much data to the clients. Even one client connected will see a dramatic de-sync issue. V-Weps would need to be moved Client-side. Rain, as Spike mentioned, pretty much all of the custom particle effects for all items/weapons. If this is done the mod would certainly be very playable in coop and allow greater control of client customization of effects, etc. that they will experience on their end without bogging down the server with updates to clients that, lets face it, quake's network code simply cannot handle. I do not think most of this would be too difficult to port over to csqc at all. Most of it is the cosmetic stuff that is really making it unplayable. Custom flame effects, particle effect updates, rain, etc. Locally this is much less of an issue but sending this stuff even over LAN connections just isn't feasible.

        Of course, I know your mod was never meant for online play, but its a pretty cool challenge that would not only improve your mod from a server/client netplay perspective but also a terrific chance to learn CSQC and all of the really amazing things you can do with it, assuming that is of interest to you. Either way I hope you continue development. I am a big fan of the dust effects.
        Which reminds me, is volumetric lighting possible in DP or FTE? I have been able to use fog to "simulate" this effect some what but I haven't found any documentation or anything in dpextensions.qc that would produce such an effect. Pointlight or getlight? Cobalt showed me some interesting things one can do with getlight but not sure it would be applicable for volumetric lighting. Combined that type of lighting with the dust effects and you would really have a creepy environment.
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          Seven is a dumbass and should finally quit
          Who voted that option???


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            Originally posted by Spike View Post
            I do actually have a mod/framework somewhere that has the entire ssqc stuff running clientside - play quake without even running a server (and by that, I mean the internal server that runs even in single player). The problem is that I'm too lazy to actually do anything with it, hurrah.
            Wow that's really cool. dunno what it could be used for, unless a mod wanted to do some interface; like driving a camera on a robot thru a mine field.
            or allow a player to do something while spectating a game, etc...


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              volumetric lighting dust effects?
     disco time!
              nope, not possible.
              it would be awesome if it was.
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                Originally posted by PrimalLove View Post
                Seven is a dumbass and should finally quit
                Who voted that option???
                I did. Dont beat me up!

                Seven wrote it up so i voted sarcastically.


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                  Thank you for trying to encourage me to rewrite the mod and make it coop-able.
                  Unfortunately I dont even have enough time to implement all the new ideas/todo´s on the list, so I am afraid that the rewriting has to wait for some time.

                  But it seems that there are a couple of people in this forum with really lots of time, so they are welcome to do it The ugly source is included and is waiting impatiently to confuse others, lol.

                  Reading above posts, it seems already helping a lot when disabling rain (which is disabled by default) and particle flames to mabye make it behave a bit better in coop. weather and fire are the effects which are spawned consistently all the time. Other particles are only spawned when called (very rare compared to the all-timers).

                  Anyhow, all the "pretty effects" are useless in fast-paced-coop anyway (just like in deathmatch), so they should be disabled for performance-sake anyhow. Yes, in the end, this mod seems really to be focused on single player. That is where my heart belongs it seems.

                  Best wishes.


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                    This isn't goodbye though, right? =\
                    Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


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                      if "continue development of smc" means nehahra or travail compatible versions then absolutely YES!! :-)
                      my projects so far:

                      Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
                      Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
                      Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


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                        Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX View Post
                        This isn't goodbye though, right? =\
                        Hello Mindf!3ldzX,

                        No, who can simply walk away from Quake forever ?
                        I think I will follow Spike´s suggestion and spent some time on a different project. And I already found it (see bottom of this post). It will surely give me lots of new ideas/influences for Quake and the smc...
                        Thank you.

                        Originally posted by jakub1 View Post
                        if "continue development of smc" means nehahra or travail compatible versions then absolutely YES!! :-)
                        Hello Jakub,

                        It all depends on the available sources

                        Regarding the uncomparable Nehahra:
                        Thanks to AlexQuaker and Spike, we are finally able to compile Nehahra source with fteqcc !!

                        Regarding the impressive Travail:
                        Thanks to Asaki we have its source as well.

                        So, all that is left to have is *some* time to bring some features into these mods. You must say with which one we shall begin. I implemented some of the smc features into the mods: Abyss of Pandemonium, Beyond Belief, Soul of evil 1 + 2, Drake, dmsp2 and some others. So it is pretty doable.
                        But first of all, lets get the Reiver done, as most people (incl. myself) are waiting for it.


                        At the moment, I am enjoying a very special game: Legend of Grimrock series.
                        And if this game is NOT influenced by Mr. H. P. Lovecraft as well, then tell me which one is ?!

                        Look at these 2 screens:

                        The best ambience I have seen in a game so far:

                        And they even have shamblers:

                        And zombies (but with some armor and weapons) LOL:

                        And you can easily play it on your favorite tablet if you want (a lot better than Quake):

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                          Originally posted by Cobalt View Post
                          It really needs to be changed to : LMC
                          lol yeah!
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                            Keep it up.

                            Your work on your SMC projects are amazing. The new additions that come are like a Christmas present every time. I understand feedback is what makes all the efforts worth while like you explained to me before about some of the help and tutorials you gave me. It's good to take pride in what you can create and make happen within a game and you have my support in any way I can give it and my feedback to you is DAMN FINE WORK and without the SMC the game just wouldn't be the same at this point. So all I can say to anyone else out there that downloads and uses this work is to just take a brief moment to give a shout out at the thoughts of Seven's work. I notice that there are quite a few people browsing around that are not members so join up and throw some feedback around if you download or come here often.
                            Make no mistakes here... I'm not a mere madman... I'm a realist!