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  • Quake 4/Doom 3

    Two games running on the same engine with the same linearity.
    But don't just press Quake 4, cause this is Think first.

    Doom 3 had this aspect of horror, claustrophobia and etc. Almost every level was too dark to view properly, without the infamous flashlight. There are also these "First Encounter" scenes for almost each monster, like the Imp coming out of some shaft, a Pinky jumping over a ledge and banging on the door between you and it and the Mancubus appearing out of this huge pipe. Like any Doom game, it has its gore, but IMO : Mainly with the maps not the models. (Dissolving demons and corpses, that vanish into red vapour). Also, the chainsaw, the ridiculously loud chainsaw. The in-game story is really fascinating, now that you can also hear what other NPCs in the game think of this whole "operation". While it doesn't have much of that military aspect, its still fun as Hell!

    Quake 4 revolved around more on action in the battlezone, with what those soldiers beside you during times, vehicular combat, etc. Set in the Strogg universe (why id, why) tells the story of Kane's one heck of tale. Shot down on Stroggos, the first you see, is that giant red ugly bastard with its fear inducing cry *shudders*. Fighting off some basic Strogg, Kane regroups. The damned radio though. Anyway, there seems to be pistol as your base weapon with infinite ammo... Well it is more military. The outdoor maps have a nice look, but the inside ones are fucking crazy, but then again its Stroggos. While its more military, it has some very nasty gore not for the faint of heart, remember the Medical Facility? Or that giant bloated digester thing... Which dies by exploding its stomach? Of course you do! The story is OK I guess, but felt like something Halo CE: do this... did that... and this... done... one more... holy shit, plot twist!... do this instead... run... etc. But it was gorier, and I like that.

    Now don't just press "Quake 4" cause "I like it" or " its Quake man". Give a reason!
    Same for Doom 3.

    EDIT: Which one do you PREFER?
    Quake 4
    Doom 3
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    I'll be honest, it's hard for me to pick because I thought both were garbage :/
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      I hate this chapter in id's history. At least Quake 4 came with Quake 2.



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        Originally posted by DeathMaster View Post
        I hate this chapter in id's history. At least Quake 4 came with Quake 2.
        I remember getting quake 4 with my dad for the 360 so we had something to do while I was staying with him for a couple of weeks=
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          both games arent bad imo, they're ok games.

          doom3 i like to re-visit once every few years. it was dark and slow and creepy, but i like those kinda games too.

          i enjoy playing doom3 on nightmare where just a few shots take you down.
          turns it into a slow and tense corridor shooting where you gotta be fast or be dead


          quake4.... it was alright, it just felt rather bland and generic, and i absolutely despise that military barking.
          i pick up it once every few years but mostly i drop it again before getting very far


          doom3 i kinda like actually, quake4.... was kinda meh.
          both games are kinda generic and very similar, but i much prefer the dark horror-ish feel of doom3 over the generic cyborgs and annoying military barking from quake4

          so doom3 is definitely better imo
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            Like them both but Doom3 wins for me.

            Quake4 is pushed further down the list if you include Prey and Wolfenstein.
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              Disliked both. ID went horribly wrong during the creation of both games. I won't vote as I dislike them both equally.


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                I liked D3. Recently played through the expansion again.

                Q4 was a mediocre game imo. I barely managed to play through the Q4 SP and never considered to play it a 2nd time after I finished it. It's the only Quake which I do not have installed atm, and I will most likely never install it again.
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                  There are other games?


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                    Only between two franschises, Doom and Quake (cause it feels awesome to have them side by side)


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                      Quake 4, but vehicles are boring
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                        Originally posted by nahuel View Post
                        Quake 4, but vehicles are boring
                        I second that, the worst parts were in the vehicle segments.

                        Doom 3> quake 4

                        Doom seemed to have more direction, which quake 4 couldn't decide what it wanted to be.
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                          Both QUAKE 4 and DOOM 3 we're good games in my personal opinion. Everyone always criticizes any newer age QUAKE or DOOM because the masses feel they don't stack up to their roots. Well back in the day when these epic titles we're born they we're state of the art and amazing, and well to me still are. These days now that everything has advanced as far as the engines used, textures models and everything else it makes the original look like ATARI. Look at the new 2016 DOOM for instance, it's not even out yet and everyone that played the multi player beta are crying about it's not like the original, it doesn't have bunny hopping or rocket jumping and the speed is slower than the older ones. Well with graphics 20 times better than the originals it's not going to run quite as fast as the original DOOM that used sprites Lol. I mean come on. As far as single player campaign looks, it reminds me of DOOM's Project Brutality with current Gen graphics which is awesome. As much as I want QUAKE on top DOOM 3 has been better that QUAKE 4 @ QUAKE WARS put together.
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                            Doom 3, in my subjective opinion, is the better game. For all it's flaws, the game maximized on it's strengths. Dark, oozing with creepiness, and horrific. That's what the id tech engine 4 did best.
                            Quake 4 had much more sci-fi elements, and tried to shoehorn in the shortcomings of what id tech 4 could do -- megatexture technology and larger expanses of terrain. With the test of time, it hasn't aged too well.


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                              Very hard for me to choose. While I like both games well enough they both have issues.

                              Doom 3 I loved the atmosphere, in places I found it genuinely terrifying. My main issue with it is (in my humble opinion) that it over stays its welcome. I feel like the scares start running thin after a while and the gameplay isn't quite strong enough to stand on its own, it goes from being atmospheric to just becoming a chore. They could have cut out about 25% of that game and it would have been better for it. Its why despite owning a copy I still haven't played Resurrection of Evil, having played through Doom 3 several times it really doesn't leave me wanting more.

                              Quake 4, well, its just a bit bland really. I play through it now and again if I want something thats not to taxing. It's a "put brain in neutral, blow things up" kind of a game. To be honest I think the biggest problem with Quake 4 (apart from the vehicle sections, god they were bad) is that it was called "Quake". Had they given it a different title it probably would be remembered as a serviceable shooter instead of a disaster.

                              If push comes to shove I would however have to go with Doom 3 as its generally more memorable.

                              PS: Why is Prey not on this poll? lol