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    I pick Quake4.

    Doom 3 had the scary atmosphere going for it. If you played it in the dark with sound up like they recommended, it would make you almost shit your pants at times when demons would come flying out of dark corners. But that's just about where the appeal of it stopped for me. I was not a fan of the weapons. I guess I just got spoiled playing the original Doom games for so many years. It was just so much more instantly gratifying to be able to blow a room full of imps away with one shotgun blast and see a huge vivid streaming spray of blood fly out of them as they die. I didn't like the little palm pilot thing either. It added too much "depth" and "sense" to game. Doom isn't supposed to make sense or be deep. It's supposed to be a mindless killing rampage of blood and gore. KILL KILL KILL KILL!!!

    I'm mainly a Quake2 player these days. As far as PC gaming goes, Q2 is really the only thing I play multiplayer on my PC currently. I play a few things on XboxOne, but only Q2 on PC. I liked how Quake4 seemed to use the same basic storyline from Q2. I also liked the selection of weapons better.


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      Quake 4 for me, with a shot please.
      It has a Nailgun. Reason enough for me. And the Boss fights where nice too! Apart from that it was a nice "This-weeks-platoon-Alien-Invasion-up-your-you-know-what-and-don't-choke-for-your-own-good" game. A playable B-Movie. I like that. A lot.
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        I didn't like Quake4, I never even finished it. It was way too generic. It tried to pull elements of Halo, which Halo did way better 5 years before. Linear storyline progression with cutscenes is not what makes Quake fun.

        I do like Quake2, but it shouldn't be part of the Quake series. Why id changed EVERYTHING except the rocket jump without changing the name of the game is beyond me.

        Can't comment on Doom3 because I never got into the Doom series.
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