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    I'd have to say that TF (not CTF) was the best mode. However it is hard to assemble 12 people at the same time (at least this days it is). Both CA and DM are good too though.
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      I think Team DM is the best mod. It's not easy to lock down the map now a days because everyone is really good. That makes the challenge more fun and the games a lot more exciting. I remember back in the day there would be a lot more lopsided scores because there were less of the more dominant players.


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        Originally posted by Baker View Post

        A couple of months ago Sniper said he likes pure DM and later it seemed like he didn't even know what it was.

        runequake all the way, it is the most advanced mod out there, nothing is gay about it, it is pure fun and never gets boring, and a smart player (like me) can overcome obstacles others might think are gay, therefore minimizing the annoyance factor that some might experience, and maximizing the fun factor (as u die less).

        rq combines/ borows elements from other mods (such as dm-controlling the map) and lays it out on an epic battle scale. i never tire of it, i can play rq hours at a time and i have to pry myself off of it. as i win most of the time, it is a shame that more elite players are not playing (frenzy, toyo and quazy from time to time, but that's about it), and most of the time i'm left off killing newbies which after a while gets monotonous. however, they got pretty good lately.

        im proficient in pure dm, but i find it a chore, a lot of hard work, and generally not fun at all for me. i play ca when shmack is empty but it doesnt hold my interest for more then a few rounds. i get severely bored, and i end up daydreaming or leaving or talking on the phone lol.

        however, i don't deny the fact that these other mods aren't beneficial in raising one's skill level, however after all these mods are played, the player should graduate to runequake as it exemplifies the pinnacle of all the skills attained, put into motion.

        in the end i hope RQ will be hosted forever, as i will surely play it 'till the end of days.
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          QW 4on4

          after playing my first season in European Quake League (edition #6) i'm really impressed about how fun and new this is. coordinating teamwork through TeamSpeak is really nice and when things go right it gives you a really good feeling of accomplishment.

          when you lose badly you can play carelessly as FFA (still avoiding TKs ofc) so it's still fun to get some frags and joke about it in TeamSpeak with the team

          our clan, Comfortably Numb, did pretty well in the 6th divsion (Rookie division), we're on second place at the moment:
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            QBALL was one of the best for me. Runequake and QBALL are a tie as far as I'm concerned


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              My opinion

              I would say Rune quake. I think my answer would of been different in the past seing as their were more quake one players but that's how it is. before it would have chosen ctf


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                Originally posted by Quakerthanyou View Post
                I would say Rune quake. I think my answer would of been different in the past seing as their were more quake one players but that's how it is. before it would have chosen ctf
                Out of curiosity. Why runequake > ctf? We all have our own opinions and they all count for something. I'm just curious to why you wouldn't choose ctf now.


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                  FvF Purge!

                  FvF Purge brings back the best memories for me, used to have an assload of fun playing FvF for hours and hours and hours.

                  Classic CTF and the 4 basic runes DM follows it not-too-distantly.


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                    Classic CTF with ID maps and runes, and maybe a few special weapon mods.

                    I always thought the hook was a neat thing, if its not overdone, like making it pull you at an accelerated level so that when you land and jump, you move faster then the playerspeed server setting. One of the mods I made was if you got the haste rune, you can do this.....but a server full of hookers flying all over the upper atmosphere of the map with that is a little too one sided for me. The player never falls down and has to get up either, and maybe if he got very tired after all that hooking, and moved slower until he regained stamina, would make more sense. All the newer games based on the Q3 engine used stamina to sprint , for example.