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Bring back original Quakeone til a polished version of the current site is available?

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  • Bring back original Quakeone til a polished version of the current site is available?

    Please vote in my poll. I don't know about anyone else here but, I personally hate this new site. Hopefully, y'all feel the same and we can get some democracy going on here to give us our world back. The poll is anonymous.
    Absolutely! The current state is complete nonsense!
    It would be nice to have the old site back til things are proper.
    No Way! The new site shows promise!
    It's not critical. I can live with whatever this will hopefully and evenually be.
    Go to the old style and never bring this shit back.
    I don't even come here anymore
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    The old site hadits advantages. Working links for example, to beat that duck again. But changing it back could also delay the update. I bet there is some serious real life going on with the admin.But as long as this site is up in some way it is ok for me. Sure, the graphical appearance is ugly and the links don't work but hey, at least its not dead :-) Sooner or later the colors will change back to a certain 256 palette, i'm sure about that.
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      I think Solecord is a very busy guy these days. And I think the site going down repeatedly in June/July wasn't timing of his choice.

      Sucks, but one might guess that the site may remain in the current state for a while. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

      So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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        Baker - that is a shame cause in the past this poll would have gotten more than 3 hits ~ ie. this site is losing Its user-base.

        This software comes with a Site builder. Restyling this thing does not require some long and arduous trip through a stylesheet. It would take (possibly) minutes to run through the color picker.

        That would be a good start but, there are a number of other issues that may be more complex to address. Every imaginable link being murdered is a big one. I don't see any other way to fix that without some tricky mod rewrite in .htaccess. Missing features may be another biggie. I am not familiar with all the built-in options of this software so, I am not sure how many (if any) features need to be built custom.

        Ironically, I possess the skills to fix all of this shit. I could also make time to get the shit done. Who is going to give MadGypsy the permissions to work that deep on the site, though? How many people would cringe at "MadGypsy saved Quakeone" being an undeniable fact? I get it, I'm an asshole...a highly skilled asshole.... . I'm also very much not an asshole but, that's so unbelievable to some that MSM news seems like truth in comparison .

        If I am somehow wrong and my help would be welcomed I want Phenom to help me. He also has a lot of experience and we get along splendidly. Between the 2 of us this site would be back in order in no fucking time. Quite possibly something like immediately.

        I would also ask KillPixel to spin us a banner/logo. I can't speak for anybody but, I'd like to believe he would be psyched to.

        We could have nice things here. Anybody ever wonder things like.. "WebQuake exists but, it isn't installed as a feature on this site" Why? What reason could there be not to have it right in the server browser page as a pop-up? If the idea is to attract a growing user-base why not make some things so incredibly simple that people get sucked in? A dedicated admin/mod could make these things happen.
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          "that is a shame cause in the past this poll would have gotten more than 3 hits ~ ie. this site is losing Its user-base."

          This is very true unfortunately. Although I was getting that impression well before the update. The majority of 'participation' now is newcomers who post 3 times and disappear entirely.

          I am willing to be patient though. I noticed the mailbox is updated and I like it a lot better. Seems to me like some of the not-so-obvious stuff is getting some love right now...but I would definitely do a simple color change to make the white background brown for the time being.
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            Just being humorous so don't hate me but... it's funny to read this: " QuakeOne - The largest Quake 1 community on the net"

            in such large and bold print given the state of the site currently. Still hopping I don't see history repeat itself, fingers still crossed
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              I don't like this non-finished look, but I'm completely fine with it. (Most of) the content (except maybe links) is working, and that's what matters to me. I'm a bit sad that the chat is gone, though. But I'm okay with it if things change somewhen.

              Also, "I don't even come here anymore" will probably be chosen by no-one. If an individual doesn't come to this website, then he/she won't even see this poll.
              Sorry for being a nitpick, I'm just saying.

              Ah, the chat... I miss it.

              I used to be that newcomer who posts a few times and then disappears, but now I'm here, for some reason. xd

              Though, I do appreciate the new site improvements.

              When I was here before the site change, I would see around 500 guests and up to 6 members online at a time. And now, this is pretty much halved. The thing which isn't halved, but rather quartered (not sure if that's a word), is the activity here. Though, that's based on my personal experiences, so this might not be that accurate.

              What about this?
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                Admer456 - "don't come here anymore"~ chosen by no one

                Yeah. I'm well aware of that. . I wanted 2 Yes type answers, 2 No type answers and 2 smart-ass alternative answers. I doubt the second to last answer will be chosen either. To be clear, when I said I hate the new site I didn't mean answer #5 version hate it. This site is pretty cool, just not in it's current state. I'm also 100% of the mind that broken external links is completely unacceptable. If this was my site that would have been addressed immediately and anything less than a substantial amount of success fixing them would have killed this upgrade entirely.

                I know I would have been able to mostly, if not completely fix them though. Mod rewrite in .htaccess is nothing but regex, and I am very good at writing regex statements. I would have definitely found the combination that transforms old links to the new link structure.

                @the profile color change thing

                It's pretty much bullshit. I already went through and changed all of the options. Many of the options provide no change at all (or no apparent ones) and no-matter-what you are stuck with primarily white/gray backgrounds. It also only changes your profile.


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                  Oh well, at least I gave my thoughts on the topic. xd


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                    Why is everything white and bright?

                    That's not quake.


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                      I realized something else today. The reputation system is basically gone. You used to be able to view the last 50 or so of your given votes with a little message by the person that voted. It's real disheartening to see that gone. I had quite a number of messages that meant something to me and often it was stuff like that which drove me to participate.

                      Uploading the stock version of this software with the promise to eventually polish it is SUPER noobish. Laughing stock level noobish. Especially considering that the stock version of this software has destroyed many of the most commonly used features of the original site. I'm not trying to bash on Solecord. I know he probably wishes things weren't so fucked up too but, really, what web developer doesn't know this is the worst possible way to go about this?

                      A huge change like this is something you do on a personal server, polish the shit out of, upload to a private server, invite long term members to for testing, polish even further and then release publicly.

                      I am this site. You are this site. Whatever this is is not considering, at all, that WE ARE THIS SITE. If I didn't know better I would have to assume this is the equivalent of "fuck us". But I know it's more the equivalent of "fuck!"
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                        Shh... keep quiet.


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                          No. Why would I? It would go against everything I am. If things were awesome I would have just as much vigor in saying so. The community here is what made this site great. That needs to be recognized, and major decisions should consider how it will affect the community. It's a matter of respect and appreciation for those that don't let this become a barren wasteland. I keep hearing about "really busy". That's not an excuse to me. Completely worthless excuse. If anything that is the #1 driving reason not to make a change this big in the first place.

                          I can't just pretend it will all work out cause, I have been here 6.5 years and I know all the shit that never got done. Now I'm looking at a wrecked site with the same promises that lead nowhere in the past. Y'all see a site that will eventually get put back together. I see the beginning (or maybe middle) of the end. It makes me sad and mad cause it doesn't have to be the end.

                          I'm not afraid to raise my voice and say "Hey, I give a fuck and this is bullshit!"


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                            Oh, okay then, sorry.


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                              Y'all got SystemD-'d

                              Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
                              I have been here 6.5 years and
                              ...are now married to the prophet Muhammed?

                              (Not a bad thing. Best decision he ever made...)