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Randomspawns off for DM?

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  • R00k
    This is a request from Kimp. As sequential is a timed linear behavior, as are weapons, and everything else in DM.. it's like card counting in poker. Though if u can omit 1 stupid faucet u stop the piss from overflowing....

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  • PapaSmurf
    What kind of DM?

    In 1v1 DM? No. Random is a must, spawn fragging is too easy
    In FFA DM? No. Random is a must, spawn fragging is too easy
    In Team DM? Team DM is the only mode that could get away with not having random spawns, but it would still suffer from regular spawns as well.

    The main reason random spawns is needed is due to the fact that the way the spawns were set up on most of the stock maps (ie, DM6, DM3, etc.) was that, for the most part, two successive spawn locations were right next to each other. This could be fixed one of two ways, create random spawns (easy) or change the order of the spawn locations so you don't spawn 3 ft away from where you just spawned (and died). Another issue with the original maps, is there were too few spawn locations.

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  • metchsteekle
    random is ba-bitchin'

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  • badaim
    This is Kimps thread........

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a poll Randomspawns off for DM?

    Randomspawns off for DM?

    Regular spawn process
    Random spawn process
    Who agrees that DM should be played with random spawns off?

    In the old days when DM was still active, like on mplaer and heat net,
    there were no random spawns, and the regular spawn process
    was used.

    Personally in my opinion knowing the spawn sequence is a skill of DM,
    and making it random subtracts from the strategy side of DM.

    What do you think?

    Also, so for those interested there's a new TDM tourney at