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what browser do you use?

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  • what browser do you use?

    why do you use what you use?
    internet explorer
    google chrome
    other (elaborate!!)

    The poll is expired.

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    i use chrome because it is fast and simple. no bullshit.
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    Quake 1.5!!!
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      firefox ftw

      fully customizable so it can look however you want it to look
      addons available for anything you want to do. want firefox to do whatever? just find an addon that does it
      its fast and stable
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        who is the noob using IE?

        I look forward to the day when everyone programs in html, css & javascript. Then everyone will know how much web developers hate IE and why.

        I thought about building a website with some kind of wanted and popular information. Upon entering the site it would grab your browser type and if you were using IE it would open a HUGE block that says:

        "You appear to be using the virus known as Internet Explorer to view this page. Please download a real browser so we can provide you with the content you requested."

        {links to firefox, safari and chrome}

        Did you know: Microsoft played a huge part in creating the CSS2 standard, they then built a browser that doesn't use the standard. Awesome.

        Web developer rant: There is nothing more annoying than building a programmers work-of-art in web design just to find out that most of it doesn't work or look the same in IE. That's when you get to to go back and write in all the exceptions and rework your stylesheet to cater to the bullshit browser known as internet explorer. Fun.
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          Safari, because its whats on my pc? I'm not like the rest of these fok'ers who get all fancy with their pc's.. just use my pc for basic stuff, no need to be all high-tech and SUPER NERD


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            Firefox, Internet Explorer keeps crashing(doesn't surprise me).
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              I use FireFox.

              Google is has a conflict-of-interest in the browser market since they are an advertising company and, like, Facebook make $$$ by accumulating data on you and selling it. Ten years from now, Google might not be a trustworthy company.

              Any company can end up being a tyrant eventually, but only if you give them that power.

              As a non-profit product FireFox probably can't be "corrupted".
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                I use Ice, and ditto what Baker said
                May be too intense for some viewers.
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                  Firefox because it's the best of a bad lot. I don't need browser bling and at least Firefox lets me easily disable some of that crap. I don't really trust Google that much either.
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                    Chrome since team off FF seems to have forgotten their policy of fast webbrowser that requies less RAM and CPU...


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                      aye, chrome seems to be a decent browser, but I just don't trust google. too many processes running in the background that are not actually chrome...
                      I used opera for a while. not too bad a browser, but javascript issues with it can turn it into a slug (blame the site, but there were a lot of them at the time).
                      so yeah, I use firefox-with-noscript. advertise at me if you want but don't fingerprint all the different properties wrongly exposed by javascript, and don't use those really insanely annoying floating things covering up what I'm trying to read.
                      firefox is still a fairly lame browser.
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                        Comodo Dragon browser, because firefox eats up too many resources, i mean come on 300,000 memory use etc and opening more than 1 tab or firefox window ur computer might aswell literally grow legs and crawl... Comodo Dragon is derived from the google chrome browser but works alot better *imo Download BROWSER, Buy BROWSER Software - Comodo


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                          my cellphone uses opera mini its fast and reliable even for shitty phones i have a 50$ straight talk phone samsung phone with a qwerty keyboard its a blackberry knock off with very limited features. *side note good news to android os users, there is a utorrent app for your phones now* its beta but should be in the playstore.


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                            Firefox cuz adblock+noscript rule.
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                              Originally posted by Roy Batty View Post
                              Firefox cuz adblock+noscript rule.
                              comodo has adblock plus but doesn't have the noscript i miss some of my plugins from firefox but comodo has similar ones.