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Should telefragging be abolished from deathmatch?

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    Originally posted by R00k View Post
    Well you learn something new every day I never noticed that before but yes, agreed, and yes that's just plain silly
    The dry ice smoke from the teleporter base effect in Seven's SMC is also very effective. I wonder if the that could be combined with the Star Trek effect ?
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      It does happen on accident, but so does a stray rocket kill
      It's a legitimate kill that require timing to do right, and like everything else, just a little bit of luck
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        yes can totally be done, about the sound.

        go to painkeep/sound/player, and copy over the gib sound you want to use over to ID1/sound/player and rename it to gib.wav
        base quake only uses one gib-sound though, so you can only use one of the painkeep gib sounds in standard quake


        about the poll, i vote no. telefragging is part of quake, you shouldnt remove this awesome feature from the game just cuz some people got butt-hurt over the fact they got telefragged. dun whine if you do get that, should be more clever and not jump into a portal if you're being chased. but dun cry if you are dumb enough to do so and then get tele-fragged

        its like crying to remove weapons from quake cuz you got shot down with a shotgun. you dun cry about that either, do you?
        why not? cuz its part of the game, just like telefragging is

        if you dun wanna be telefragged, dun jump through a portal if someone is close behind you
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          NEVER!!! Is part of the Multiplayer experience.
          Quake without telefragging wouldnīt be Quake.
          Play Quake isnīt Rocket Science is Rocket Shooting!!!