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Plasma gun/elevator fix

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  • Plasma gun/elevator fix

    There is a bug fix for Dissoultion of Eternity for those who simply wants a fix for the Plasma gun and the elevator.

    It started with a problem with the plasma gun that has a firing problem. I downloaded the fix and works, but the elevator in level Tomb of the Overlord won't work.

    So I made a request for Seven that he will make me a fix that covers the plasma gun and the elevator. I tried the SMC from seven, but my laptop won't support the extra effects.

    The fix is garanteed to work. I used it myself.

    To those who have the same problem as I do, you can get this download
    here: DOWNLOAD. Just unzip the folder and copy the progs.dat file into your ROGUE folder.

    This works in DarkPlaces engine.

    Don't forget to thank Seven, if you are a member at

    P.S. : let me know you have checked this thread; so for I did not get any responses.
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    I discovered that there is a proplem with the problem with the Gaurdian form "Curse of Osiris"(r2m4) does not appear or appears in delay after you defeat the four mummies. However it is not the fix, it is the engine.

    So far, the darkplaces engine autobuild 20110906 has no problem if the fix is installed, the engine has the best perfomence. It is accorded and recommended by Seven that his mods and fixes work well in the said engines.

    To get the engine, you must go to Quake Help > Quake Clients > New DarkPlaces beta released. Or you can just click the link here:

    Another update:

    Seven has created a fix that will also fix the nail position of the nailgun, including the fixes I mentioned here. It has been posted by talisa. You can get the fix here: It also has fixes for ID1 and HIPNOTIC.

    P.S.: don't forget to thank or suscribe Seven and talisa.

    Thank you.

    In case of error still exists. Save before you defeat the four mummies.
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      It appears there is still error when I used the 20110203 engine build for darkplaces. According to Seven the 20110203 build has better performence, but it was before the fix for rogue was made.

      I may need to look more into this and also need some help to figure this out, I'm probably missing something. However I'm only helping giving information about fixes and reporting problems.

      I wish I knew how to mod and create fixes.


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        nothing is worse then being stuck in a game for 12 hrs and not being able to play. this is what i would do:
        download the newest dp LordHavoc's DarkPlaces Quake Modification
        and install it some place different then your quake is already like the desktop
        go and copy your id1, rogue, hipnotic, folders to the new dp. and try to see if it works your save games should still work and hopefully you will be able to get back to killing.

        if it don't work just toss the files in the trash. and a smarter quaker then i will be along to help you soon.


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          The 2013 build actullay works, I know this because the guardian comes out including its 2 replicants. However this build has 1 issue that it is missing items in certain secretes in Quake and it's mission packs, but it's better than nothing. As long if it's playable including with the fix.

          I'm keeping the 2009 build for rogue just in case. It has no problems in gameplay except the cd track notification and the transparent weapons in the hud. It works works without the need of any fixes though and I can make it go fullscreen by using the console.

          To all members and guests: if you want quake DoE and it's standard look, use the 2013 build for rogue and place/install the fixes in the rogue folder and see if it works for you.

          P.S.: Thanks for the assistance JDSTONER
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            let LH know about what bugs you are getting in the new build on hear


            so it can get fixed. be as specific as possible so they can try and duplicate the issues and fix it. this game has grate sport considering no one is getting payed and everyone dose it all for the love of the game


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              It's hard to be specific about the secret item bugs if you don't know where every secret area is. All I know is the one in r1m2 and r1m5.


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                let them know what you can something is better then nothing. the dark place team i know checks out that link they may not check this one that is why i suggest posting it over there.


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                  you could inject the missing entities with an .ent and fix your game. Seven has written like 4 gabillion tutorials on this. It would take you about 30 minutes probably. I already said this once, maybe if I repeat it all the circuits will connect.

                  Also, it's probably not an engine problem at all (per se). The items you are looking for probably fell through the map due to poor mapping, older engines maybe were a little more forgiving due to being primitive. I just made up this entire paragraph, but it sounds good.
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                    good idea MadGypsy

                    Frost can use this to fix the game.

                    i will use it to cheat! humm quad hear maga health there a rocket launcher in


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                      how do I do it?

                      Where should I go?
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                        hears the how to on ent
                        i cant be much more help then this link. ive never done it just read about it.



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                          I received help from Seven that it is the cvar that is the problem: sv_gameplay_droptofloorsolid is not enabled as an default.

                          to enable this, you must create a cfg file by using Notepad or any other programs similar, then save as autoexec.cfg. Next you type down the cvar and type the value as 1; make sure you add a space between the cvar and 1, as when you type in the console. Finally, save and copy the file and drop it to your ROGUE folder. However it would work for ID1 and HIPNOTIC too.

                          This is for the 20130304 build for darkplaces.
                          sv_gameplay_droptofloorsolid 1 is what you need to type in.
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