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Setup and Export of MD3 Models for Dark Places from Blender

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  • Setup and Export of MD3 Models for Dark Places from Blender

    Hey, just a quick tut here as it's been asked how to do this. This will teach you how to set up Blender so that when you export your MD3, you have the least amount of arsing around to do in NPherno's MD3 Compiler.

    It is assumed that you have your model in several 'parts' - each with it's own UV map and skin.

    Get the Exporter for Blender from here. I know it works under 2.68 and probably most later builds.

    Before we export, we are going to make a few changes here and there that are going to make life much easier going forward.

    1. First, make sure that your individual parts of your model are named something sensible. The exporter will take the name of the exported MD3 objects from the name of the object in Blender, so make sure it's something that you will recognise.

    2. Make the material name of each part the name of that part's main diffuse skin. So the Ogre's Blender material would be called 'Ogreskin.tga' and the Chainsaw's material would be called 'Chainsawskin.tga' etc. The exporter will use the material name in Blender for the name of the graphic file, so make sure that the name of the material is the same as that of the actuall skin file. This includes the ".tga" file extension. Don't confuse this with the name of the map file that you have imported into Blender. We are talking about the actual material that the maps are a part of.

    PROTIP: The exporter will automagically fill in the name of your blender file, including the .blend extension, as your MD3 file name. Make sure you change '.blend' to '.md3'!!!

    Now, when you try to bring the MD3 over into NPherno's MD3 Compiler, the name of the objects should be readily apparent, and something that people can make sense of.

    When you bring the objects in, they now have the correct file name for the texture, which saves you arsing around in your file manager copying and pasting file names
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    Excellent, good work sir. I'm going to need this tut soon. It will save me some hassle, thanks.
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      Hello Tea Monster,

      I used NPherno's MD3 Compiler a lot since you showed me this little jewel 1 year ago.
      Thank you again. This is really a great little tool.


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        The link to the exporter has 2.63 and 2.7
        I am running 2.69 atm so what version should I grab? Also I would love it if you would show the whole workflow of the export.
        I have never had any luck getting a good one out.Thanks TM
        May be too intense for some viewers.
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          Hey, Recently, user Photonic has updated the exporter to work with the 2.8 series of Blender.

          I've done a complete walkthrough here: