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    In Quake and in both mission packs there are some enimies missing in some levels in the darkplaces engine; I did not mentioned this long before now because I did not have any problems with it, but I would like to know why that is?

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    I'd need a bit more information about this before I could answer. Firstly, did you install darkplaces via one of the HD packs? For instance Quake HD Pack or Epsilon? Version of darkplaces you are currently running? Current stable build is 20140513 . If it is just the vanilla Darkplaces have you added anything new to your id1 folder? I cannot think of any reason you would have invisible models in vanilla quake unless you were using some custom content that was installed incorrectly. I could see this happening with one of the mission packs if you simply ran the commandline incorrectly. Just give us a few more details and we should be able to help you out.
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      I don't have any hd packs or any of that; it's a 2011 build. I would get the latest build, but there is still a problem with zombies being stuck to the ceiling. Besides, I'm not sure my computer could support hd packs or others but I could be wrong; I have not tried it.

      I did no clipping in one level, and there are blocks where it stores monsters waiting to be spawn to the respected location, but one block is not spawning that one monster. That's the best example I could this.

      However, I was just wanted an explanation at least.


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        It's hard to give an explanation without more information. :/ But I will say that darkplaces does have quite a few gameplayfix cvars built in. You can get a complete list for your Darkplaces build by opening the console and typing in cvarlist sv_gameplayfix and condump it to a file. However, these settings are usually off by default because they cause problems with with vanilla quake but help to fix compatibility with some mods. I'd check to make sure none of them are active meaning they have a 1. Also check your autoexec.cfg if you have it to make sure they are not defined there. Next, does this happen in all episodes of Quake? Also do the monsters consistently not spawn in the same locations or does it appear random? Any other glitches you might think are related or even not sure are related? You have a fully installed vanilla quake with the pak0.pak and pak1.pak? Just trying to get a grip on all the problems before we can establish a cause. Also, I would recommend updating Darkplaces anyway. Alot of changes since 2011. It's not important to get the HD packs. I was just trying to determine what you have in your id1 folder that might be conflicting with Quake. Uninstall and reinstall Darkplaces. Basically delete all the files in your quake folder related to Darkplaces. Copy over the newest darkplaces. Make sure nothing is in your id1 folder except your original pak files. Then delete any config.cfg and autoexec.cfg. If you have any mods either delete them or make sure you are not loading them accidentally using a bat file or similar. After doing all that start up darkplaces and see if it is still doing it. You possibly could have a file corruption of some sort so we need to eliminate that possibility. That is an option if you want to start from scratch.


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          Well, It doesen't seem to work or maybe I'm doing it wrong, but there many engine builds of darkplaces that are for testing I believe, but the majority of it works. I simply used the 2011 build for the main quake because the zombies usually get stuck to the ceiling in Azure Agony level. Also for both mission packs I used for the latest build.

          From my understanding, the darkplaces engine is probably still in working progress because there are so much engine builds. So it would not be a problem to me anyway.

          Episode one works fine, the others have such case but most of the levels in episode 2-3 doesen't have a problem.

          I may keep trying but in a later time.

          I thought it could be a cvar fix that was not turned on or the build itself since the project seems to be still in progress.

          Thanks for helping me the best you can, sorry I couldn't explain well because it was hard to. I figured that other people have the same problem.
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            I have never heard of this problem so it is intriguing. I looked on several forums but no mention of this kind of bug. If you figure it out let me know here. Did you do all the things I recommended? Just wanted to make sure you covered all your bases. Good luck!


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              I did no clipping in one level, and there are blocks where it stores monsters waiting to be spawn to the respected location, but one block is not spawning that one monster. That's the best example I could this.
              Would that level happen to be the Grisly Grotto (E1M4)? An ogre spawns on the underground bridge only if you step up to the key door BEFORE actually having the key.

              But it sounds like you're probably having difficulty with other maps as well. So that's just an idea.
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                Nice catch Dutch. Didn't think of that! But yeah, I think he's problem is more systemic. :/ I'm really curious now.


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                  Originally posted by Dutch View Post
                  Would that level happen to be the Grisly Grotto (E1M4)?
                  No, that would be The Elder God Shrine (E4M3). I said before E1 does not have this problem.

                  I going to work with it as I can, but right now may not be the best time since because I'll be moving to St. louis, MO on Monday.

                  I'm surprised no one noticed this (at least from you two).

                  Anyway I'm going to work this out.


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                    Good luck on your move. There is nothing to notice on my end because these things don't happen. I checked that map and I cannot recreate this problem. :/