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  • Darkplaces skins?

    i am trying to make custom skins for an awesome player model md3 i found. i use the darkplaces engine and i think i have everything set up but it's not working and i do not know how to use the skin command line witch should in theory load your custom models/skins for said model if the darkplaces website is to be believed.

    any help to this would be welcomed.

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    Hello Gordon228,

    I'm honoured to say Hello to you.
    I know you from the Doomsday Forums and you have created lots and lots of amazing things.
    I am excited to see you in Quake forums as well now.
    That does indeed mean something good looking is coming our way

    To answer your question:
    Unfortunately the description how to setup .skin files at the DarkPlaces website is no longer correct.
    Please find a quick tutorial here

    If you are using the .md3 player model by Ruohis, this is the .skin file that will work for you:
    Paste the above text into a regular .txt file and rename it to: The .skin file must be in the progs folder (where the model is).
    The naming of the .skin file is the difference (compared to Darkplaces website description) that prevents the .skin file you are most probably trying to use from beeing loaded by the engine.

    skin 0 is the default loaded skin for models.
    You can also add additional skin numbers, which you can use/call from within your mod.

    If you are using a different player .md3 model (or want to crerate .skin files for any other .md3 model), please use your favorite model editor to find out its model part names (see also the linked tutorial from above) which you have to write into the .skin file as shown in the example. The texture path is declared after the part name and: "," as you can see.
    [part name],[texture path + name]
    I am using "NPherno's MD3 compiler" as a quick way to see a .md3 models part name(s).

    A big warm welcome !

    Best wishes,
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      i don't know where i got it but it's the best md3 player model out there i have found and the skin is based off of primevil's skin is what it looks like to me. i would make stuff but why would i need too unless i can figure out how to get the textures working with the quake palet switcher. thanks for the help.

      edit: here is the playermodel i am useing.

      Edit 2: i have another question. how do you set up skins with DP? what i mean is if lets say i have 22 skins how would i set them up so that i can switch between them?
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        Hello Gordon228,

        Thank you for your upload.
        Unfortunately that player model lacks some of the the axe animations (go into chase_active 1 mode to see). But other than that, he looks good.

        Just in case you didnt yet find the correct settings to bring him into the game:
        - rename the model into player.mdl
        - move all the textures out of the /progs folder into a seperate /textures folder

        You will not need a .skin file then as all the textures are in the correct paths and have the correct file name.

        Regarding your question about changing 22 skins:
        Do you mean for the player ?
        If yes, you do not need because it already has _shirt and _pants textures, so that the replacement model can use all the engines 16 player and team colors (for the clothes).

        If you mean for models in general (like powerup models or monster models, etc.):
        If you want to dynamically change them within the gameplay you need a mod. Otherwise it will always keep its default skin (which is 0 for all models except armor.mdl). With a mod (custom qc) everything is possible.

        One example would be the usage of painskins:
        You could switch between skin 0 (no blood) to skin 1 (some blood) to skin 2 (more blood) to skin 3 (much blood) and so on. Just one crazy idea that came to my mind.

        Best regards,


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          then whats the skin command for?


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            There is a "skin" command for the console. This is its description:
            Downloads missing QW skins from server

            For your custom md3 player model this would not work anyway, as it uses different uvmapping, naming, pathing and so on compared to regular player.mdl.

            If you mean the .skin file (which is placed in the progs folder), then its purpose is to be able to declare/change the texture path/naming. Thats pretty much it.
            But most of the time it is not necessary, as the texture path is already declared within the .md3 model itself.
            Only if you want to use textures or paths that are not identical to the hardcoded ones within the model, you need .skin files. (A file is not a command)

            Or if you have a mod, as described above, that adds additional skins. For which there is no declaration within the model. Then you need additional .skin files for .md3īs


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              the resin i am asking this is the inbuilt color for pants and shirts for custom models is left to be desired as 14 14 color dose not look bright vibrant orange and the default skin color dose not look like that with the inbuilt color thing. i have nearly tryed everything i can think of to make the player skin look like what i see on the classic player but to no avail.

     as you can see the color dysplayed on the model looks washed out.

              this is what color 1 6 should look like btw this is useing the quake palet

              Edit: i realize it's a problem with engine as it also happens with the base player model.
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