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More than one sky texture in a map

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  • More than one sky texture in a map

    I'd like to use two different skies in my map but Quake automatically changes every sky texture to the last one used when I test it in the game. Is there a way to do this (different engine, compile program...)? I use QuakeSpasm.

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    (whoops,didnt read your question well)
    That is not possible in any engine I know of.
    However,you could use Wally and fimg

    Quake Terminus

    Fimg to convert textures and wally to edit them.
    Make a wad and use one texture for each part of your map.

    Like for castle you want a weird pink sky with Shimmer And Shine logo and you want to ad_swampy ripoff section to be bloody sky.
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      Thanks for the help! I figured out a way with the use of func_illusionary brushes


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        The only problem with that, is there will be no depth to the sky, as the sky textures are specially rendered by the engine to not be flat and static (i.e. stars and what not don't move around in relation to the player....they appear static, as if they are really far away).

        I don't know if there's a way of loading more than one skybox, but if there is, it will almost certainly be on DarkPlaces or FTE.
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          func_illusionary won't work. It's an entity and entities can't touch the void. You could wrap it in brushes but, you will still be dealing with what Dutch said.

          Opengl engines project sky.... like a skybox. You wont be using 2 skies and you should really ask yourself why you want to.


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            I'm aware of the difference between entities and normal brushes. I'd like to use two different sky textures simply because that's my vision of how the map should look. I use the purple sky texture on the floor as if the map was 'floating' in the air and I'd like to use a second sky for the ceiling. Think of it as you take a rocket to space and you see the clouds below you and the stars/void above you.

            It looks like it's not possible to use two different skies. I have a "black" texture in my list but the problem is that it obviously doesn't remove the impact of rockets/bullets.

            That's why I thought of func_illusionary. I can just use the purple sky texture to seal the map but put the func_illusionary with the black texture in front of it. It won't be fancy stars but it's all black so I won't have the problem Dutch mentioned.


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              A skybox (not the weird scrolling skies in vanilla Quake) has a floor and a ceiling (_up and _dn). Quakespasm supports this.

              Set the skybox with the "sky" key in worldspawn, and include the skybox with your map download.


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                I have another solution (but Gulliver's is true). Use a teleporter texture that's been customized to look like stars. You could make one big purple sky cube and "lace" all sides but the bottom with a custom teleporter texture.

                Or just use a skybox cause that's the proper way to do this.


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                  Thanks for the help everyone! I'm familiar with skyboxes but somehow they didn't come to mind. I'll try to come up with something.


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                    If its a small area , like a window/skylight can't you just make a brush, and put in a custom animated texture?


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                      The Makaqu engine does support multiple scrolling sky textures per map.
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                        Oh,how I wish we had that! It is a fine thing!
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