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Mission Pack 1 and 2 Startup Issues

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      I just got out quake after many years and "acquired" both mission packs. Problem is that neither will run on my computer despite quake running fine. I'm trying to run them on Windows vista and I get this error message about internal 16-bit DOS not being compatible with fullscreen mode and I have to close it. I'm running the standard winquake engine. Any help would be really appreciated.


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        For whatever reason, I get an error when I copied the run command and pasted into the RUN box. Something about"location unavailable..."


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          Well, i guess your Quake Folder isn't C:\Quake or your missing the whole rogue and hipnotic folders.


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            Prehaps because I d/l it from steam so the path is actually different?


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              I got it...thanx :-)


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                Well, locate your Quake folder. Within these folder ther must be 3 more folders. ID1 (which is quake), hipnotic (which is mission pack 1) and rogue (which is mission pack 2). Then it depends which engine you use. For darkplaces for example it would be like this:

                X:\Yourquakedir\darkplaces.exe -game hipnotic

                X is the drive where your quake folder lies, Yourquakedir is the complete path to your quake folder. For Example if Quake is on Drive D and the Qzake folder ist \Games\FPS\Quake1 so the full path would be:

                D:\Games\FPS\Quake1\darkplaces.exe -game hipnotic

                and -game rogue for mission pack 2 instead. I hope you could get the meaning out of my little explanation.


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                  You have helped me immensley gravedigga....thank you very much. I was able to load both mods under the DP engine.

                  Your explanation made it very easy for a Quake dummy like me to follow :-)


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                    Hello lethlwipn,

                    everything grave_digga wrote is correct, except the extension.

                    Mission Pack´s as well as some other mods must be started without the "game" in the extension.
                    Otherwise you would not get the new HUD, triggers and fixes.
                    So it should be:
                    darkplaces.exe -hipnotic
                    darkplaces.exe -rogue

                    Baker created this very detailed Tutorial for Mission packs.
                    It is a sticky in the Help subform.
                    But even though it is a sticky, it is still overlooked:


                    Kind regards,


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                      No one uses my Mission Pack easy boots?

                      Just simply drop these exe's into the same folder as Darkplaces and run them - volia


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                        Thanx guys :-) All of your info has been very helpful.


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                          Instead of posting a new thread about this, I'll post it on here.

                          I have both of these add-ons. I want to use them with WinQuake. Is there a way I can get the game to play? I want to make 2 different EXE's. So i'll have 3 in total (one for Original Quake, and the other two for the add-ons)

                          Is this possible?
                          How would I do this?


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                            Normaly it should work like this:

                            winquake.exe -game hipnotic


                            winquake.exe -game rogue

                            I played them both back in the days with winquake.


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                              just use -hipnotic and -rogue
                              Using the -game part doesn't execute the HUDs for them (you'd have the standard id1 HUD in both - resulting in the new ammo icons and weapons to be absent).

                              I will make a Easy Boot exe for you - the same as my Darkplaces Easy Boot but using winquake.exe instead.


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                                Hmm, i thought back in the days we allways used -game. My HUD in SoA looks exactly like the one in standard id1. I run it with "darkplaces.exe -hipnotic"