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  • Unable To Set An Avatar

    I have heard people say that they are unable to set an avatar for their profile and I knew that was not correct but, I didn't feel like explaining how. I decided to set my avatar (just now) and that reminded me of the alleged issue. I decided to write up a mini-tutorial

    TL;DR version (ignore/skip ANY step that is NOT listed in this click chain):
    Profile->(hover avatar)Edit Avatar->Browse->Save

    Hold-My-Hand version:
    1) Go to your profile
    2) Hover the big default avatar image
    3) A yellow "edit avatar" label will appear ... click that label
    4) Choose the "browse" button (do not bother with the "from URL" version. If you need it from a URL simply download it first and browse to it)
    5) You will be presented with a resize box - *DO NOT TOUCH IT - just click save

    *if you even just click the resize box it's going to think you resized and it will tell you something like "Image resize not available due to thumbnail blah blah blah" when you try to save. Ignoring the resize box and clicking save will use the fullsize image as long as it does not exceed the maximum allotted dimensions. As far as not bothering with the "from URL" version goes ... I tried twice and both times I got nonsensical error messages. Maybe it's an isolated case due to where I was pointing it (gravatar), but "browse" will definitely work.
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    May be too intense for some viewers.
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      I searched up this thread because, indeed, I can't seem to change my avatar.

      The problem is that nothing ever happens when I hover the mouse over it (your step 2/3).

      To test if Firefox add-ons were at fault, I also tried in a separate, fresh install of Firefox and in Google Chrome. Same result: nothing happens when I mouse over the avatar. Edit: Also tried Microsoft Edge. I'm on Win10 x64.

      Inspecting the page's source code, I see references to the Javascript menu or whatever that's supposed to appear. But it does not unfortunately.

      Is there something else I'm overlooking?


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        It's 2022 and this issue is still present because, well, I still can't change my profile avatar.
        I did exactly as instructed, no dice. No "Edit avatar" option appears when I hover my mouse over the avatar image.