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Right Handed weapon for Arcane Dinmension

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  • Right Handed weapon for Arcane Dinmension

    Sorry for my bad English. Can someone make such a mod for Arcane Dimension? I tried it, too... and everything was fine, but the bullets remained in the center.
    This mod is engine independent. Hello, This is a simple Quake 1 mod that moves the view_weapons to the right side (like in Quake 2 for example). I did it some

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    Hello Xeroxed,

    If you look closely in your linked download, you will noticed folders named "qc".
    That is the modified source, needed to move the projectiles origin to the side as well.
    I added it for people like you, to experience and use it also for other mods.

    That is a perfect opportunity for you to add it to the AD mod.
    You already did the model work (which is the hardest work).
    Now you should also be able to do the rest.
    Just compare the "qc" folder to the original Quake 1.06 source to see exactly what was edited.

    Have fun,


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      Hi, Seven!

      I don't understand anything about code. There are a lot of new ones in the AD .qc files
      I tried to edit the weapon.qc. When trying to compile, it showed the error " breakable.qc:624: error: type mismatch for -"


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        Just look:


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          Hi Xeroxed,

          You seem to either use an outdated compiler or not the correct qc files.
          The current fteqccgui.exe compiles the 1.71 qc files just fine:

          Regarding the qc files: If you have specific mod questions, it is best to ask the author directly.
          Otherwise, compare how it was done in the original 1.06 Quake and then search for the corresponding functions in the mod.
          They might be named differently but the code should be commented, so you will most probably be able to do it in the end.

          Anyhow, best of luck with your project.