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How to use _inmm with mission packs?

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  • How to use _inmm with mission packs?

    hi all, im new at, i would like to play quake by winquake.exe, not interested in Darkplaces, quakespasm or others sourcports, as all of you know music will not loop, i used _inmm to play winquake with music, all is fine with this, but the problem is with the 2 mission packs and Abyss of pandemonium. how can i do? as you know the exe is the same, but with the commandline -game Rogue or whatever at the shortcut, i tryed creating a bat file but _inmm doesnt admit .bat
    How can i use _inmm to add the missionpack music?
    English is not my native language i hope you undestand what im trying to explain.

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    Hi punkiroto,

    I found this tutorial:
    There seems to be also mission pack 1 included for _inmm.
    Maybe it helps you.

    If not, try to swap the config and ini and audio files before you play mission packs with the base game ones (in your main folder).
    That should work.
    And as far as i know, the official parameters for mission packs are not -game rogue. They are -rogue (without the "game").
    But I may be wrong for winquake.

    Best of luck,


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      I created a Quake launcher years ago that worked by creating command lines based on user selections. It can load any engine and any game from anywhere. The engines and games don't even have to be on the same hard drive. I ran it, made some selections and this is what it printed.

      "darkplaces.exe -basedir G:\ORGANIZED\Quake\Dark_RoastFromDocs\games\ -hipnotic -game hipsmc +map hip2m5"

      both hipnotic and hipsmc are separate folders in the "games" directory so...

      base directory ~ -basedir full_path/to/remote-from-engine_folder/containing/id1_AndOr_other_games/ (DEFAULT: engine_path/)
      base game folder name from basedir ~ -hipnotic (DEFAULT: id1)
      desired game folder name from basedir ~ -game hipsmc (DEFAULT: -basegame)

      The above would load hipsmc using all the assets from hipnotic folder as a base

      You may have to put these in this order. My launcher makes those the first commands, in that order, no matter how much data I select, and regardless of the order I select it in. I can't remember if it had to be that way or it's just an arbitrary order that I picked things to be printed in.

      "darkplaces.exe -basedir G:\ORGANIZED\Quake\Dark_RoastFromDocs\games\ -hipnotic -game hipsmc +skill 2 +map hip2m5 -width 1366 -height 768 -conwidth 854 -conheight 480 -window -developer -nohome"
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