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game unplayable on radeon RX 570

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  • game unplayable on radeon RX 570

    I have a problem with games that use the original Quake 1 engine - they all stutter in window mode and the framerate drops to single digits and less on full screen. This happens also on sourceports like darkplaces and quakespasm. Same thing with Wrath Aeon of Ruin which is a new game but also uses darkplaces engine. Oftentimes attempting to change the resolution will make the last frame stuck printed on the screen while I can hear the game running and reacting to input. Only rebooting windows will fix this.
    The rig is more than capable, I'm running Doom Eternal without any problems.

    specs are Ryzen 5 2400g, a second hand radeon rx 570 4gb, 32GB ram, SSD, win10, all drivers up to date

    There was no issue running these games without the additional GPU - Ryzen alone with vega 11 graphics card had no issues. I suppose it's something with the GPU drivers or compatibility. I did a new clean driver reinstallation and it didn't help
    Any clues for what might be the problem?