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problem with model specific gibs

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    And many thanks for your good tips!!


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      some models (who are a renamed md3 to mdl) simply only work when going on with QWALK. That's the case with the torso model I mentioned before. I don't know how to find the texture path with Noesis, but I tried to put the texture inside the "progs" and/or the "textures" folder without success. It stays blanc. Only with QWALK there is success, but then the low poly problem comes in action.

      That's the one, but I reworked the texture, so it is nearly ok

      Here is a shambler gib from Arcane which I reworked by enlarging the texture

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        The Soldier foot gibs
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          Shambler claws


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            Models from HL


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              And a lot more..


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                Hello SamIam76,

                First of all, please be aware that there is an "Edit" button on the lower right corner of your posts.
                You do not need to add new posts with only 3 words in it each.

                Regarding your issue finding the texture path inside md3 files:
                As I told you here, I made a tutorial about a similar topic. Find the link there.
                It uses NPherno's MD3 compiler. With that tool you can even edit the texture path.
                See also screenshots below.

                Secondly you can use Noesis, it can only show you the texture path. Use the included Data Viewer (in tools).
                See also screenshots below how it is done.

                Last but not least, as I explained here, even Darkplaces will show you how the texture path must look like.
                See also screenshot below. I quickly put some md3 files without their textures into vanilla Quake to show you how the console texts looks like.

                I hope this issue is now finally solved.

                It is nice to see that you like tinkering around with models and stuff.
                They all look nice indeed.

                Best wishes,
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                  Hi Seven,

                  there was a failure message when trying to add more than three textures, plus it was very late and I wanted to share my news.
                  But thanks, will follow that.

                  Before reading your actual post I did the following with my "round torso" gib to prevent lowres:
                  1. Renamed the mdl back to md3 (it's not e real mdl file)
                  2. Converted it with QWALK to mdl, including its texture
                  3. Now it's ready to load, but lower-colored, therefore:
                  4. Copied it's graphic in folder "progs" and renamed that to roundtorso.mdl_0.jpg
                  5. The darkplaces loads the above graphic instead of the one "mounted in" under 2.

                  Will try your solution too again, thanks.

                  And thanks for the flowers

                  P.S.: Is there a simple way to make decals solid (colliding)?
                  By using a high number of gibs per model it looks strange when they are melting together.

                  Thanks and many greets
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