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new to trenchbroom, using the clip tool, will take suggestions

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  • new to trenchbroom, using the clip tool, will take suggestions

    Personally I believe that trench broom is a well done editor, however, I am having issues with using the clip tool. From what I can see the clip tool uses 3 points when clipping, there is always a 3rd point that it wants to include. I wanted to use the clip tool to place indention(s) into the ground, a wall, ceiling, a beam and I have attempted to do this by clipping away say a square shape using only 2 points, until I get all the way around the square. It seems to work at first but it actually messes up the map and gives me error messages in the console. I am able to compile the map but there are additional errors in hulls 1 and 2 as well. drumptruckds has done a similar thing where he clipped out a rectangle window from one of his walls. It was hard to see what he was doing in the video though but no matter how many points I use 3 or 2 I get the same errors in the editor etc. I do understand when using the clip tool there are parts of the wall for example that are highlighted and parts of the wall that are transparent to show what parts will be clipped away.

    After attempting to use the clip tool this way on a wall to create an indention I can compile the map and run it in dark places and it runs fine despite the errors but no matter, I do not trust it (the errors can be problematic for the final compile) and play. I also noticed that when I did use the clip tool to create this indention the brush I started with was chopped up into multiple brushes.

    I am using trenchbroom 2020.2 version and dark places and ericw's tools to compile the map.

    Image 1: Clip tool errors shown in console - in 3d pane - I have two points selected that I want to clip. I get the same errors no matter what
    brush I am using and no matter how I clip.


    Image 2: Even though I was getting the errors above in image 1, I did a full clip - it allowed me to remove the space here.
    Again, I used drumptruckds cliptool video to attempt this clip phenomenon.


    Image 3: compile. Warnings in hull 1 and hull 2.

    The map is all open because I am was just testing manipulation on a brush, I understand about closing up a map to prevent leaks from occurring.

    I see an error under filloutside too. haha. If it can be built I can break it.

    If anyone here feels that this is the wrong direction to take and know a way around this, I would like to hear it.

    Thats the way it goes I guess. I do not think that what I am attempting to do is to create complex shapes I am just trying to go around a square and a cube in quake is a simple shape. Quake on.


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    Clipping is a dirty way to work. There isn't a reliable way to determine how it's going to split the BSP faces, and depending on way too many factors to list, it may even cause the brush to tweak just enough to create a leak. Just stack up some brushes by hand to create the same effect.
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      MadGypsy your right about that