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  • Permanent blood decals

    I posted this on quaddicted a few days ago and haven't gotten a reply so far for whatever reason. Here's hoping someone here can help:

    I'm using the 'effectinfo.txt' file from Arcane Dimensions for fancy particle effects and stuff, and specifically I'd like blood decals generated by gibbed enemies to stay permanently on the floor instead of fading away after a few seconds. I've edited the gib models so they don't disappear as in vanilla Quake, but with blood decals fading away as it is they don't look so great. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hello Lanzon,

    The value you are searching for is less an effectinfo.txt value but rather an engine cvar.
    Without knowing what engine you are using:

    These are the ones from DarkPlaces:

    cl_decals is "1" ["1"] enables decals (bullet holes, blood, etc)
    cl_decals_bias is "0.125" ["0.125"] distance to bias decals from surface to prevent depth fighting
    cl_decals_fadetime is "1" ["1"] how long decals take to fade away
    cl_decals_max is "4096" ["4096"] maximum number of decals allowed to exist in the world at once
    cl_decals_models is "0" ["0"] enables decals on animated models (if newsystem is also 1)
    cl_decals_newsystem is "1" ["1"] enables new advanced decal system
    cl_decals_newsystem_bloodsmears is "1" ["1"] enable use of particle velocity as decal projection direction rather than surface normal
    cl_decals_newsystem_immediatebloodstain is "2" ["2"] 0: no on-spawn blood stains; 1: on-spawn blood stains for pt_blood; 2: always use on-spawn blood stains
    cl_decals_newsystem_intensitymultiplier is "2" ["2"] boosts intensity of decals (because the distance fade can make them hard to see otherwise)
    cl_decals_time is "20" ["20"] how long before decals start to fade away
    cl_decals_visculling is "1" ["1"] perform a very cheap check if each decal is visible before drawing
    cl_particles_blood_alpha is "1" ["1"] opacity of blood, does not affect decals
    cl_particles_blood_decal_alpha is "1" ["1"] opacity of blood decal
    cl_particles_blood_decal_scalemax is "2" ["2"] maximal random scale of decal
    cl_particles_blood_decal_scalemin is "1.5" ["1.5"] minimal random scale of decal
    cl_stainmaps is "0" ["0"] stains lightmaps, much faster than decals but blurred
    r_drawdecals is "1" ["1"] enables drawing of decals
    r_drawdecals_drawdistance is "500" ["500"] decals further than drawdistance*size will not be drawn
    r_polygonoffset_decals_factor is "0" ["0"] biases depth values of decals to prevent z-fighting artifacts
    r_polygonoffset_decals_offset is "-14" ["-14"] biases depth values of decals to prevent z-fighting artifact

    cl_decals_time is the cvar you are searching for.
    The others may make the visual experience even more beautiful.

    If you are not using DarkPlaces, search for the available cvars from your engine of choice.

    Good luck,


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      Thanks for replying. I'm using QuakeSpasm Spiked, and only decal-related cvars I found are 'r_decal_noperpendicular' and 'r_part_maxdecals', but neither have the effect I'm looking for. Any suggestions?


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        not sure about quakespasm as i dont use it much... but with darkplaces, i added this line to my autoexec.cfg which makes the blood last 'practically forever'

        cl_decals_time "10000"

        it makes decals stick around for 10000 seconds, which is 166 minutes, which is really long.

        its extremely rare to come across absolutely ginormous maps like something wicked and unforgiven that take that long to complete
        so it 'practially' makes blood decals pretty much 'last forever'
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          Thanks, but I do not use DarkPlaces. I find it strange that QuakeSpasm doesn't have more decal options, it can't be too hard to implement something like permanent decals, right?