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Trouble running Quake

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  • Trouble running Quake

    I am having trouble making quake play. It says to check to see if i have quake in my folder. As far as I can tell I do. Any help would be appreciated. I would love to get back to playing.

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    Hi Dopa
    I hope all is well. If this is your original install of Quake that you have been using for years (rather than some of the new versions offered by Steam) then it sounds like you are probably clicking on a shortcut and it can't locate the quake executable / batch file that you are wanting to run. If that's the case then have you checked that the target of the shortcut is actually present? Have you tried manually navigating to the relevant directory and running the target manually ? Do any other engines (e.g. MarkV, Proquake or Quakespasm) run?

    Kind regards
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