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    How to do that? There's an old post with some reply with some instructions but those don't work. Maybe it's simply broken in the frontend.

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    Hi Woxerz,
    Assuming there is no fault with the site, you could try the following:
    1. Log in to using your credentials
    2. Expand the pull down menu on the top right of the page that has your name on it
    3. Select "My Profile"
    4. Hover over the image of your current avatar, which is on the left of the page for me, and an "Edit Avatar" option should appear whilst you are hovering. Click that option.#
    5. Once the "Edit Avatar" window appears it gives you the option to either upload an image from your hard drive or select one from another site, before clicking continue.
    6. Follow the on screen prompts and you should end up with a new avatar.
    Note that on some sites they limit both the size of avatar and/or apply a minimum number of posts the user must contribute before this option becomes available. The Quakeone admins should be able to confirm what limits are in place, if any.

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards
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      Hi Monty,

      Thanks for the reply. I tried what you suggested earlier because it's already written on the previous post, but it seems there's no way to make that pop-up or hover option appear.

      I suspect you may be right regarding the amount of posts a user needs to contribute before being able to store digital garbage in QuakeOne servers lol :]