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Darkplaces water problem

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  • Darkplaces water problem

    I've upgraded my darkplaces from version 20100408 to version 20110628, then I installed a "pretty water" plugin (here's the link to it: Inside3d Forums :: View topic - Pretty water!) that I previously used in version 20100408. But in version 20110628 the water animation jumps every few seconds and, well, see for yourself: [ame=]YouTube - ‪water loop problem in quake darkplaces.avi‬‏[/ame] It worked fine in version 20100408 so I know theres something that needs to be changed in 20110628.
    This bug is so distracting when I'm playing the game, I would appreciate it if anybody can help me with this. I know this is a very technical problem that may never be resolved but I have nowhere else to turn to.
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    Hello DASl-l,

    Solution is simple:
    Update your "DP pretty water": klick
    You are still using Version 0.2.

    Kind regards,

    PS: Be aware, that the newest stable DP build you mentioned (20110628 ) has NO offsetmapping support.
    Please use a newer beta or autobuild to get it back.
    Or use build from 3rd february 2011.


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      Hey thanks man ^_^, I did not think I would get a (useful) reply so quickly.
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        Same problem here. I'll replace my pretty water with this tonight. Thanks.

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          Since we're on this topic: does any one know what causes the little blue or purple edges of the water?
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          Can it be fixed? just out of curiosity.


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            I guess not.


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              As far as I know, these edges are issue of using water shades effect in Q1BSP-format map. They can only be made weakly visible by editing normal map of the water texture - when waves on the normalmap have considerable magnitude, edges are seen better, when waves are only like ripples (like they already are in dp_pretty_water), then edges are nearly invisible.


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                I finally found the solution for this "glitches" on the water pool/area edges.
                Please also read here

                Adjust these cvars to get rid of them:
                r_water_reflectdistort ["0.01"]
                how much water reflections shimmer
                r_water_refractdistort ["0.01"]
                how much water reflections shimmer

                I suggest to use 0.005 instead of 0.01. The smaller the value the less glitches.
                This has a small negative influence to the visual of DP pretty water.
                So decide wether you want it or not. It is your choice.

                Best wishes,


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                  Actually there is a better solution, but it is much harder to do:
                  DeluxeQuake team tries to recompile q1 maps into the newer version of BSP format (which is used in Q3). As you can see, those glitches are almost unseen while water reflections are pretty strong.

                  But this team haven't realesed nothing but the screenshots, and I don't think they will do in the foreseeable future. Maybe someone else try to recompile some maps?


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                    Wouldn't really define that as a better solution. As these maps are the old but recompiled as a new version - game wise they are different. Which then means this can happen:
                    I boot up the game for co-op
                    Friend tries joining using stock maps
                    He gets version error and is kicked

                    Breaks compatibility for online and LAN use.


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                      Yes, OoPpEe, it is for singleplayer only. And there will a lots of problems due recompiling - as far as I know. all the triggers will be reset, therefore new scripting will be necessary.


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                        Hello FC Zvyozdochka,

                        I followed your link to the russian forum.
                        ... and who did I see ? BEEF34T3R
                        He also posted some of these screens here in this forum.

                        Honestly, do you see any improvement in his water screens ?

                        I made comparable screens with different settings on the cvars:
                        r_water_reflectdistort ["0.01"]
                        r_water_refractdistort ["0.01"]

                        Then I quickly noticed, that screenshots alone can never express the dynamic of "DP pretty water", so I made a youtube clip with different cvar settings.
                        As you can see, when you raise r_water_refractdistort value, the result is identical (or even better) compared to BEEF34T3Rīs screens.

                        Remember to play with these cvars as well as the refract/reflect values in the shader itself (!) to get your best personal likings visual.

                        Here they are:

                        BEEF34T3Rīs screen:

                        DP pretty water v0.51 screen:

                        The clip: (please view in fullscreen 720p)
                        [ame=]DP pretty water v0 51 - YouTube[/ame]


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                          Seven, I knew about this cvars. And BEEF34T3R's shots are more interesting in my opinion - just look at the lamp reflection.
                          But you are 100% right in terms of dynamic.

                          And the most important thing - "DP Pretty Water" is HERE AND NOW, while "DeluxeQuake" could never be released.


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                            Now I can't exec water.cfg. it says "r_glsl is read only". What do I do?


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                              Make sure r_water = 1.
                              Then it should be ok! ->