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    The link has been fixed

    Worldcraft is very simple and will have you making maps in no time. However I would suggest that (when you feel comfortable with Worldcraft) you should check out GTKRadiant and BSP. All of these programs are similar but some are more powerful than others.

    Thank you for joining QuakeOne and happy modding

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      Great thread. I'll check out the texturing stuff in more detail when I find the time.
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        I have gone through all of my posts on this thread and:

        1) deleted any obsolete or irrelevant material
        2) moved all the materials to a server that I have control over (no more dead links)
        3) reorganized the information so the thread isn't working in a circle
        4) removed redundant information

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          It turned out I already knew the texture editor you linked, but I just tried your q-dev package and I can confirm that it works perfectly (and compiles stuff fine) under Win7 64bit.
          my FPS maps


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            That's good to hear. I was worried that some of my batch file commands wouldn't gel with a later DOS. I actually read some stuff that clearly said it wouldn't work. So, either that info was wrong, I misunderstood it or I wrote some kind of working glitch (lol).

            I have a few more ideas for my Q-develop package. When I get some time I am going to update it one more time, with the below features added.

            1) no more "C:\" only - fully portable and will run from ANY(WHERE/THING), with the same drop-and-go nothing-to-configure setup

            2) full quake c syntax recognition (I actually already made this I just haven't included it yet cause there is 1 bug - might have to live with it)

            3) portable map editor included. I am looking at BSP for this cause I can make it portable real easy, but I actually hate BSP. I know some people like it, I find it a nightmare to work with.

            4) blender portable included, already configured with .mdl export script

            5) gimp portable included

            6) portable NeoTextureEdit

            7) a complete knowledge-base for ALL included stuff

            a library of all vis, light, bsp, etc - as well as pakScape, TexMex, etc

            The idea is to have a completely portable quake development pipeline, that doesn't require any configuring/installing. I'm thinking one 8gb USB 2.0 card would be more than sufficient to hold all the files and leave about 6+ gigs free space for project files.

            It sounds like more work than it really is. I have all of this stuff already. I just need to figure out a good folder heirarchy and maybe write some more .bat files.


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              Q-Develop Upgrade

              Q-develop Update: 4512
              all Q-develop links on this site lead to the same file

              I have a lot more stuff to add to the overall Q-develop package, but I figured that adding the map editor made it different enough to be uploaded and posted. In the end, Q-develop will be a complete and portable quake development pipeline.

              change log:

              1) NetRadiant 1.5 has been added and completely configured for quake 1 and the Q-develop environment. It is utilizing hmap2 for map compilations. Since Q-develop uses Darkplaces as it's engine, I figured it only made sense to use Lord Havoc's compile tools as well. Maps are saved in C:/Q-develop/Quake/ID!/maps/ by default.

              2) QCEditor no longer opens all of the QC files at once. A project has been created and now the document tree can be accesses through the project window


              1) you have to start your map manually from the darkplaces console (sucks I know, but I haven't found the correct mixture of code to get it to load automatically yet)

              2) when you start NETRadiant, click "c:/Q-develop/Quake/ID1/id.wad" in the texture browser side pane, to load the wad

              3) If your textures don't show up in the compiiled game:
              . a) click any one of the brushes in your map (NetRadiant).
              . b) Click view/entity inspector.
              . c) click "classname worldspawn"
              . d) next to Wad: type or paste "C:/Q-develop/Quake/ID1/id.wad" (without quotes)
              . e) press enter
              . f) save your file

              That should be all
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                Wanted to pop in Gypsy before I head out for the night. Registered today in response to your previous post and wanted to say thanks man.

                Not much practical mod experience here, some embarrassing Half Life stuff from almost 10 years ago, recently some tooling with source and UDK - I wanted to go back, kinda to where it all came from a build a small independent demo/prototype of my own without all the bells and whistles of today's stuff. It seems to overwhelm me even when with all the resources out there.

                I google searched for a decent amount of time, I've populated my bookmarks tab with a few promising sites. This thread however I'm most excited about. Its finals week so yea my time *is* kinda short for just a little bit but I've gotten to section 4 in the quakec.pdf and it seems to be just what I needed to get started for my project.

                Thanks again boss - I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again. Hopefully nothing too noobish! (I was pretty rough on the old hammer forums back in the day....)


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                  Oh sweet bro. Well, since you are all excited and stuff, I will spend Sunday wrapping up the all-in-one portable Quake development pipeline (Q-develop) and maybe toss a few bells and whistles in.

                  Of course the package as a whole will not be suitable for everyones tastes, but it will be complete, functional, portable and of course extendable. I do have a snag or two to overcome but I don't perceive them to be any kind of "deal breaker".


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                    I have spent the last day (or so) thinking about this package and the direction that best suits it. My original intention was to make it a complete development pipeline, but the more I consider this, the more that I feel like such a thing would be a lot of fluff. Sure, I can include blender, gimp, any portable and open source anything but then this will be more like a precarious environment of possibilities. I mean why stop at blender and gimp, why not add a portable xampp and pre-configure a personal quake server - it just gets to a point where too much is included that the grand majority of people will not use, for my 500mb download to be feasable.

                    In lieu of this I have decided to take it in somewhat of a different direction. The final product will be a preconfigured and portable map and code editor, with a side library of tons of common apps that are used in quake modding (pakScape and texMex for instance) including some add-ons (like the .mdl export script for blender and other compile tools), as well as a small library of code and mapping references and tutorials that I have collected over time.

                    This will greatly reduce the weight of the package while still providing a wealthy amount of resources. It also leaves the door open for people to extend the package in a direction they prefer (ex inkscape instead of gimp).

                    If I was a lot more industrious I would probably host every possibility on a site and have users check off the "components" that they want built into the package, which (upon submit) would zip it and provide an expiring link. Unfortunately, that is way more work than I care to invest into this. I am already behind in completing what I wrote in the post right above this.

                    Which brings me to the next part. I'm not gonna finish this today. Mostly because I changed what this is and now I need more time to bring it in the altered direction. I want the next release to be the LAST, complete, done, finished, merry christmas, the end version. That means I need to dot all the i's and cross all the t's to make sure that there is NOTHING out there that I have missed, that belongs in this.



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                      Skybox Tut


                      Skyboxes are a great way to add some drama to your horizon line. Almost all Quake engines support them (apparently vanilla quake does not). There are a few ways to add skyboxes and I am going to go over all the ways I am aware of.

                      Firstly, I properly renamed and packaged up 4 freely available skyboxes for you here, (original source). You do not have to use the ones I packaged. There is no magic with them. Any skybox set that is properly renamed will work.

                      About Skyboxes


                      Skyboxes must be located in ID1/gfx/env/. If you do not see an ID1/gfx folder it is because it is inside your .pak. Simply use pakScape or some such other tool to open the pak and access the gfx folder. Create an env folder if one does not exist and place all of your skybox images in it.

                      *It is actually more correct to say that the skyboxes should be located in modFolderName/gfx/env/


                      Skyboxes use a naming convention to instruct the engine which designation each tile is to occupy. The convention is as follows


                      up = top
                      dn = bottom
                      lf = left
                      rt = right
                      ft = front
                      bk = back

                      For the rest of this tutorial we are going to assume that the name of the entire skybox is sb1_. You can prefix a designation with any name you want as long as that name stays static (unchanging) throughout the skybox. With that information the entire sb1_ skybox would have it's respective individual images renamed as follows:


                      Adding Skyboxes

                      the conventional way:

                      1) open your map
                      2) draw a huge box around your map
                      3) give it a regular quake sky texture
                      4) hollow it out
                      5) in the entity inspector for worldspawn add key:sky value:sb1_

                      Alternate darkplaces quick load - this is good if you want to test an array of skyboxes without repetitively compiling your map.

                      1) open the console
                      2) type loadsky sb1_

                      Darkplaces .ent skybox injection - this way is good if you want to change the skybox for a map that you do not have the power to edit.

                      1) open the console
                      2) type sv_saveentfile
                      3) open the .ent file and add this line to the worldspawn block
                      "sky" "sb1_"
                      4) save the ent and either start darkplaces or if it is already started, open the console and type r_restart. (Renderer Restart - this can also be bound to a key and probably should be if you make/change .ent files often)


                      Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the skybox for Quake. My current map has no sky, nothing, black. It makes you feel very alone and screwed. Like, even if you get out of wherever you are there is nothing to escape to. I realize that this works because of the theme of the map and the textures I chose. That is exactly my point. Getting caught up in amazing skyboxes is easy to do and in that you could easily junk up your map. Imagine if I added small, whispy, cloud-like particle clouds that lazily wafted by, at random altitudes, against the black and within the "play area". Totally creepy and probably realistic (using particle fonts). This is something you should consider before just throwing some amazing skybox around your map. What does your map want? My map wants solitude, not Desert Ruin...

                      The final thing to consider is that, whatever skybox you choose will more than likely look nothing like your textures. You could convert the skybox to the quake palette, but I'm guessing that more times than not, this is going to make everything look about 1% more related (if it doesn't completely destroy the skybox). The alternative is to figure out what the skybox palette is, create a theme from it and then make all of your own textures to match it. It is way beyond the scope of this tutorial to explain that, especially since I don't even know how to go that far (I'll figure it out for money though ;D).

                      Thanks for reading,
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                        Thanks a lot!

                        Do you know why texmex caps at 512 when converting to .WAD

                        I DL'd the photos from your tut []
                        however once I import into texmex they have to be resized :/



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                          Figured it out.


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                            Wow.. skybox is amazing =)


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                              Lol, sometimes there are clients that think they are gonna be web super stars and when they don't even become noticed at all, I see no reason to let their already-paid-for server go to waste. Alas, I will not be going as far as to host Quake servers on a "dead" clients service. That would be pretty funny though if the above url was a quake server.

                              @ Figured it out.

                              If by "figured it out" you mean that you stopped making up steps (ie..converting to a wad) then yes, you figured it out. Any tutorial I write will be "complete" - you will never have to 'convert something to a wad'. I bring everything as far as I can go, short of coming to your house and doing it for you. That's my super power - bringing it all together so people without that super power can just go, no "steps" per se.

                              @ original source for skyboxes

                              If you download and convert skyboxes from that site. You need to switch names for front/right and left/back

                              their front = new right
                              their right = new front

                              same flip-flop for back/left

                              If you skip this step you are gonna get a "jumbled rubix cube" of a skybox. Other skybox providers may have similar issues but with different flip flops. Just something to note. I also like to rename the files in the zip and then extract them. This leaves me with a zip backup that has already been formatted for quake.

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                                Exactly.. I was referring to the WAD2 file made with regular textures (to apply within WorldCraft).

                                But the DP engine handles the skybox pics right in the folder, raw, which is pretty great.

                                Thanks for the info!