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    Im trying to play moded maps on quake on my wii is there any one who has it working? let me know if you can help walk me throw on how to start a mod


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    I can't help you with the Wii specific issue, but generally to use a mod you would download the required files and place them in a folder within your quake directory. for example c:\quake\MyModName then create a custom batch file that will start quake and tell it which mod files to use.

    So for example if you wanted to play Painkeep using the QRack quake engine you might put something like this in your batch file...
    glqrack.exe -game painkeep  .... [I](plus whatever other startup parameters you normally use, -mem, -width, etc)[/I]
    It probably sounds more complicated than it is but generally most players will set up a new mod in under a minute [it would take Rook probably a tenth of that.. including coding the mod ].

    I've not tried this myself but some of the more modern engines will allow you to specify a game directory in which case you can start Quake normally and enter the relevant command.

    I'm guessing that somewhere in your Wii port there will be some option to pass it the parameters such as -game MyModName .

    Hope this helps
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      Which port you use? There are a couple for the wii...

      I'm able to run from original maps to commercial mods and also crmod. Still have to try network...

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        i have quake gx.08 i think it is and thats the one that runs the game the best i also have quake rev4 that plays the game but the aiming and moving is way different.
        let me know what quake you are useing to get the mod levels to work and ill see if i can get that one working...
        i read somewhere i could play the twisted xmas and that would be fun for the holidays. if you have never played that mod you gotta check it out i found it useing the quake injecter on my pc...