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Just want to DM a bit - where?

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  • Just want to DM a bit - where?

    Mundane question, but I can't get my Quake to connect to any of the servers. That's because I'm using Quake from GOG's pack "The Offering".

    I tried installing nQuake, after the installer begins pulling files for installation, it stops, download error. What's the quickest way to get multiplayer action?

    I tried searching around, didn't find anything useful probably because nobody here is as noobish as I am but I did find recommended servers for what I want, old school vanilla DM Q experience.

    OK - how do I join these matches? Thanks

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    I can't speak for the GOG pack but it might be worth trying a client like the latest Proquake or Qrack which are available from this site and seeing if you can connect as these have fixes implemented to try and resolve some of the usual network problems experienced with the original Quake engine (e.g. the NAT firewall fix).

    Are you getting any error messages?
    Are there any firewalls in between you and your target server that may be blocking ports that Quake may need to use?

    It's my understanding that the servers you listed are Netquake servers whereas I believe nQuake is a QuakeWorld Client. Some engines such as Darkplaces and FTE can connect to QuakeWorld and NetQuake servers but I would suggest that, for the moment at least it might help you if you try and stick to Netquake Engines for Netquake servers until you resolve your connection difficulties.

    By the way if you want to connect to bigfoot in Holland I would probably use connect in preference to the address as this is known to be a little flaky at times

    Hope this may be of some use to you

    Kind regards

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      Also, nQuake is a QuakeWorld engine so it will not work on netQuake servers like all those that you have listed in your OP. You need to use a new NetQuake engine (ProQuake for classic look/feel or Qrack for optional modern features).


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        Qrack and ProQuake are the most popular NQ clients, either one will let you get on the servers you mention.

        DirectQ is my engine of choice lately
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