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    i know how to host a team fortress server but i want admin controlls as well and while im on the subject i want to be able to add the tessla coil and other things to a server. can anyone help?

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    Originally posted by UNR3AL S0LDI3R View Post
    i know how to host a team fortress server but i want admin controlls as well and while im on the subject i want to be able to add the tessla coil and other things to a server. can anyone help?
    Hi UNR3AL S0LDI3R.

    Are you trying to host/admin an existing mod, or create a new one?

    Teslas aren't part of original TF, so you can't add them via an admin command.


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      im trying to host/admin a team fortress server on my own. i already know how to host but the admin part i dont get and if you have played on a custom tf server in darkplaces than you should know what i mean by i want custom models and such in my server.


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        I haven't seen a Team fortress (1) server in years.
        It would be good to see it come back.


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          just search quake team fortress servers in google and a bunch of servers will show up but their eather not populated, filled with bots or are only populated once or twice a week.


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            but yea back on topic, anyone know how to admin a quake server?


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                Hmm. I can't speak for that particular mod as I've never played it but you could look in to Rcon to give you at least some control.

                Hope this helps

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                  For all intents and purposes, Team Fortress is a Quakeworld mod. You will not be using DarkPlaces to host the server, but as DarkPlaces can connect to a Quakeworld server you would be able to play on it with DarkPlaces. There is a baseline TF netquake progs.dat but it sucks compared to Team Fortress 2.8 which is Quakeworld only.

                  You better read the whole original thread:

                  See thread:

                  But here is the short version. And if you have questions, well --- this forum is going to suck because not too much Quakeworld server knowledge lives here. This forum would be better:

                  Installing A Mod (Team Fortress)

                  This section will teach you how to install any mod.

                  Download Team Fortress 2.8 from 2008 | Files | | 24 | 01 | Game Front. You will be left with a zip file called "". Inside the zip file is a single folder called "FORTRESS". Unpack this file into your Quake directory. Your Quake directory should now have the ID1 folder and the FORTRESS folder.
                  Run EZQuake from the command line (if you don't know how to do this, see the section "Using A Command Line") by typing "ezquake-gl.exe +gamedir fortress" (without quotes).
                  Find a server to play on (eg. QuakeWorld Team Fortress Servers / seems to have a server list) and connect to it by typing into EZQuake (you may have to press ESC to get to EZQuake's command line): /connect SERVERIP. Replace SERVERIP with the server you want to connect to. For example, /connect will connect to a server in the USA (this address was taken from the list).
                  Once you are connected, the game will download the required maps automatically. This can take extremely long. If you don't have the patience and you can download the maps from somewhere much quicker (or if you have them already), create a directory in your FORTRESS folder called "maps" and place the maps in there. Maps typically end in the file extension .bsp
                  Have fun

                  NOTE: Every mod will have different keys and commands. Team Fortress has a multitude of them, such as switching classes, throwing grenades, reloading, etc. Once you get serious about the game, you will want to learn how to create a config file and have each of the important commands bound to keys. It goes beyond the scope of this tutorial so use a search engine

                  NOTE 2: If you wanted to play a different mod, you would repeat the same procedure but instead of using "+gamedir fortress", you would use "+gamedir whatever_your_mod_is_called". This will also allow you to play the mission packs such as Scourge Of Armagon and Dissolution Of Eternity.
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