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Need server help for long dist cooping/dming.

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  • Need server help for long dist cooping/dming.

    Hi, I live on the west usa and my friend lives in south africa, we want to play together, but ping is a issue. Please help us out anyway possible. Thanks.

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    Use DarkPlaces or ezQuake and type connect in the console, that is a Quakeworld coop server with a big map single player map selection.

    Your friends ping will suck, but you'll both be able to play fairly ok.

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      Hi Deathdread,

      You could also try "pinging up". For example you could pick a server where his ping is at its lowest and use the Ping +n command in your Quake console, where n is the approximate difference between your pings, to add ping to your player to make it more even. It won't bring his ping down which is probably what you want most but at least it will be fair.
      Remember to enter the Ping +0 command when you are done to return your ping to normal.

      Just a thought but if your friend is on Wifi then he could try a direct connection, i.e. with a network cable plugged in to his PC, instead. Some Wifi connections can be a little laggy at times.

      Hope this helps

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