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Playing local multiplayer with my version of quake?

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  • Playing local multiplayer with my version of quake?

    Hey, I'm new to quake and really wanted to play some local multiplayer with my friends. I'm running the registered DOS version on DOSBox, and when I choose multiplayer I'm presented with this screen:

    After selecting new game:


    Direct Connect:

    After pressing OK:

    I tried to get it work over modem and direct, but to no avail. Modem asked me for a phone number, and since I don't have a modem anymore I guess that's just not gonna work.

    Direct connect didn't work either, I don't know what to select for COM, Baud or IRQ. I just went with the default options on host and client, but the client couldn't find the server.

    Both PCs are connected to the same network over ethernet cable.

    Would appreciate some help for quake veterans here, really looking forward to playing with my friends
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    Wow that's retro. You probably don't even have a COM port on your PC.

    Can't tell if joking or not.

    Why don't you just run a modern server/client like darkplaces? Or proquake 4 for something more vanilla?


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      Not joking, just wanna play the game the way the developers intended.

      Why are IPX and TCP/IP greyed out in my version? Connecting over ip address seems like it might work.

      Also seem to have a something that looks like a com port on my mainboard, looks like an inverted VGA port.


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        Dunno really. Apparently DOSBox can emulate that stuff:

        Connectivity - DOSBoxWiki


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          Thanks dude, I'll look into that tomorrow.

          EDIT: That whole thing totally worked, as soon as i had client and server connected the ipx option in quake just unlocked.

          Thanks man, I owe you
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            Just use something that isn't stuck in DOS emulation like DarkPlaces or Quakespasm.

            DarkPlaces is the better choice if you decide to run custom maps.

            /Ah nevermind, looks like you got it running fiddling with DOSBox
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