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  • Servers in Australia?

    Hi there,

    Anyone know of any servers that I might connect to to get some decent pings? I'm in Melbourne, Aus and I just tryed playing on Was pretty slow.


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    Here are a whole bunch of Australian servers listed/queried here:

    or New Zealand servers here:

    or on the ASE server browser.

    They are all QuakeWorld though (I don't know of any NetQuake ones in Australia, but this doesn't mean there aren't any) so you will need a QW-compatible engine like ezQuake, FTE, FuhQuake or ZQuake to play.

    You can also find a lot of Australian players at or on IRC:

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      Wow thanks man,

      That's quite a bit of info So what's the main difference between quakeworld and netquake? I'm running QRack... would that be OK?



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        We'll you'll hear some different answers there depending on who you ask.

        For me, the reason I play quake is because the gameplay and feel of the game is just different and more fun than other newer games. I don't like the feel of quakeworld's different netcode and physics, they don't feel like "quake" to me.

        QW was created in the days when broadband was less common, and most people had to play over dialup. I play with a nice low ping, but if you don't have that convenience QW may be more appealing.


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          Multiplayer in Australia is about 100% QW.
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