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  • Info: Future vs Fantasy

    I'm posting this because a certain someone (Baker) wouldn't sticky it from a PM Message.

    Future vs Fantasy

    Originally a mod quake server that required a download (new monsters, classes, skins, textures, maps, sounds, etc), now has a user friendly server that requires nothing. Admined by Gunter and a bunch of random server hosts (X-Men, ORL), this server has a unique taste of strategies for both deathmatch and coop.

    The basic concept of FvF is that you can choose from different classes (quake soldier being it's own class for the entire quake game). This leads to a whole new variety of weapons as well as attributes (ninjas make no sound). These classes can either be Fantasy based (Monk, Ninja, Deity, Cleric, Mage, Fighter) or Future (Laser Android, Cyborg Camper, Wasteland Warrior, Quake Soldier, Doom Marine, Sniper). If you download the non-required mod, you'll get the skins for these classes.

    Unlike most servers, can switch between Coop (called Quest Mode), Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch, and Purge (I'll explain that below).

    Quest Mode:
    You start at e1m1 and work your way throughout the standard quake levels. There are tricks added by Gunter here and there as well as scary monster ai (Grunts can now fire super shotgun, nails and grenades).

    Pretty straight forward, first one to reach 30 frags and exit the level wins. If there is more than one person with 30+ frags, then leaving the level only ends the round and the person with the most frags wins, whether if that person is the one that exited or not.

    Purge Mode:
    Sort of like King of the Hill. You're grouped in teams again and can battle just like in team-deathmatch. The only difference is the start of every level has a deity shrine and whoever controls this shrine can get a powerful advantage to however long they can keep it (Mass Weapons, Red Armor, 2 secret classes unlocked).

    Gunter also runs the IKS maps upon request so be prepared to have these in your ~/quake/id1/maps/ folder.

    Also note that the server runs vispatched maps and even monsters can see YOU through the water.

    Gunter's FvF -
    Registered FvF (requires full FvF mod) -

    Required Downloads:

    Optional Downloads:
    FvF Mod
    IKS Maps
    Vispatched Waterhack (r_novis 1 works as well)

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    Thanks for the guide. Yes, I saw your message. I'm trying to get to things as fast I can, but I've been getting a large number of PMs, IMs and emails lately and I only have so much time (and I seem to be getting less done then I would like). - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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      Sniper, please include newb friendly instructions for installing the optional files.


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        (sigh) i tried posting all the info about the classes(it comes with the skins dowload) but its 50765 characters long.(sigh) well, heres a simpler strategy...

        MONK-this guys pretty cool. not only does he have powerful magic attacks(not to mention he can punch people) put he can give armor and health too! one last thing, HE CAN FLY!

        NINJA-ah, the ninja class(my favorite). throwing kunia's(daggers) is his main means of most of his attacks, however, when ninja as picked up nailgun or sng, he gets a spell. the nailgun allows him to throw about 5 bombs in a straight row, but they dont go far. the sng allows the ninja to throw flamewalls instead.

        DEITY-the deity is a very hard to get class. infact, the only way you can get him is through purge. lets see...he can fly, throw homing fireballs, do an attack that nearly blows him and everyone else up, and he can give armor,ammo, or weps.(note: the deity actually uses his own health for all this)

        CLERIC-think of the cleric as a way better monk. he can give red amror, mega health, regular armor, regular health, and with divine intervention, he can either give out pent,ring, or quad.

        MAGE-all of mages attack(except for one) are magic. the mage, cleric, and monk all regenerate ammo.

        FIGHTER-the fighter class is the strongest class. he even has a torch he throws out to knock down hooked, or flying enemies. he gets more powerful with the more weps he gets.

        LASER ANDROID-lets put it this way, laser android is weak, but fast. he regenerates his cells(which is the only ammo he uses) he breaks down any other ammo you pick up into more cells. he can also fly. mst of the laser android's means of attacks are with lasers, hot plasma, or anti matter.

        CYBORG CAMPER-he is the exact opposite of laser android. he's slow, but strong! if you love explosives, you'll love this class!

        WASTELAND WARRIOR-this guy has the wierdest weapons ever! he has a blood spray gun, a cancer disk, super sawed off shotgun, and a radioactive worm gun( with real worms...ewww). the best part is, he comes equipped with a nuke.

        QUAKE SOLDIER-yes, the main character. he's pretty well balanced. many people choose this class.

        DOOM MARINE-once a secret class, it is now open to the public. he has the same weps as quake guy(almost) just slower.

        SNIPER-this is the same as fighter, the more weps you get, the stronger and faster he gets.
        I'm back, and better


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          Originally posted by Yellow No. 5
          Sniper, please include newb friendly instructions for installing the optional files.
          How to Install the Mod

          Taken directly from Gunter's FvfPage:

          Well, it runs like any other Quake mod... here's the quick setup, just like the readme says:
          Create a folder inside your Quake folder called something like "fvf209"
          Download and Unzip the files to that folder
          Then run Quake as you usually do, only pass it the switch "-game fvf209"
          For example, if you usually start quake with:


          You would start it with:

          Winquake -game fvf209

          A lot of people don't know how to pass that to Quake on the command line...
          Well, what you need to do it create a batch file, which is just a text file
          that you can double click on to preform commands. In your Quake folder, you
          should already have a "Q95.BAT" so let's just start with that... Make a copy
          of that file and rename it to "fvf209.bat".
          Now right-click "fvf209.bat" and select EDIT. You should see a line like:

          qlaunch quakeudp.dll quake.exe -mpath %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

          Well, erase everything before the "%1 %2..." part and change it to what you
          need. What you need depends on how you normally start quake.
          If you normally just use Q95.BAT, you need this line:

          q95 -game fvf209 -winmem 16 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

          If you use Winquake, use this:

          winquake -game fvf209 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

          And if you use glquake, this:

          glquake -game fvf209 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

          Then just save the file and try double-clicking it. It should
          start up Quake running FvF. If it worked, you should see a big
          "FVF" on the console background and everything else should look
          different too, including the start-up demos. Now all you have to do
          is connect to the FvF 2.09 server and you will be able to see the skins.

          Note that I highly recommend ProQuake rather than standard WinQuake or GLquake.
          See the Download or Links section to get Proquake.

          How to Play:

          Again, taken directly from Gunter's FvfPage:

          Read the fvf209.txt file!! It describes all the classes and their weapons! Some of the information is outdated, but most of it is accurate enough.

          Basically, you just keep pressing 9 or 0 to cycle through all the classes... (these keys are automatically bound when you connect... if you have bindings that overwrite 9 and 0, the impulses you need to use are 30 and 31). Each class has it's own playing style. Find one you like and try it out. It's usually best to change class only after you have died because you lose all the weapons you have collected when you change.

          There are 3 main modes of play: Deathmatch, Quest, and Purge.

          Deathmatch is just the normal going about and killing everybody... Teamplay may or may not be activated, and there is also a 2-team deathmatch mode.

          Quest mode is where the players team up and take on the beefed-up monsters. In this mode you gain points for killing monsters, and after you gain enough points, you gain levels, which grant you certain benefits, even after you die. If you do die, you can go back and collect your pack, which contains all your weapons and ammo. It's a bad idea to change classes unless you have just died, because you will lose your pack.

          Purge mode is a 2 team battle to control the Altar. The Altar is at the start of the level. The Artifact of Divinity rests on the Altar, and whatever player grabs it becomes the Deity, and stands on the altar to cast blessings on his team, which tries to protect him from the other team. The other team, of course, tries to Purge the Deity (it takes 60 points of damage all at once) and claim the Artifact and the Altar for themselves.

          Quick notes on some classes:

          Androids regenerate Ammo. But NOT while you are holding down the fire button... If you are playing an Android, tap the button quickly to attack, or let off the button every now and then, so you can continue to regenerate cells.

          Snipers and Fighters start out pretty weak but become very strong after collecting all the weapons (they 'max out'). It's best to avoid fights and run away until you have collected a lot of weapons to power them up first.

          Ninja and Snipers have Grappling Hooks as their weapon #1. Monks and Androids can fly. Don't forget to use these things to your advantage.
          You can grapple on to a wall, then switch weapons to stick there and fire from that spot.
          The flying may take a while to get used to... it's a lot like swimming in the air, except if you press Jump while flying, it makes you fly forward really fast instead of going up. Use +moveup to go straight up (like swimming).

          The Fighter has a torch he can throw that will knock people off walls or out of the air. That's how he takes care of those pesky grapplers and flyers.


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            Thanks for the info guys, we'll try to get this worked into the guides section asap.


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              it still doesnt fucking work. i did everything you said. didnt fucking work. im pissed off, and things are about to start flying across the room.

              i fucking hate computers and everything about them


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                That's why I build installers for different things like this. Admittedly, using command line parameters with online multiplayer is a pain. That is a pretty insurmountable issue.

                With JoeQuake and QRack you can actually change the gamedir on the fly, but even explaining that will give you a headache.
       - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

                So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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                    it should also be noted that FVF always had server-side only support from the start.


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                      Incase people are wondering where the all powerful Gunter is, you can find him here. He doesn't like to register to forums nor enable his cookies as he's afraid teh evil haxors will get him (cough linux cough cough). I just felt like posting this because it seems a lot of us look like we're speaking for him. Well it's partly true except I hardly do that. If Gunter wants me to say something on QuakeOne then he can register here and post himself

                      Heck, he doesn't even register to his own FVF forum that Joao93 set up for him


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                        Too bad, I don't feel like registering at the FVF forums. Ha. HA.


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                          Aparantly I was given Moderator priviledges. I told the Admin that I wasn't interested so he/she ripped them away from me but I still LOOK like a moderator I'm a poser now


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                            ! AND you've beaten my post count! Oh well.


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                              Stop spamming the forum with useless posts

                              (or don't spam in the fvf section. Gunter shall smite you.)